Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Day at Honey's Kimchi: Pinoy Style in a Korean Restaurant

Thanksgiving Day at Honey's Kimchi
Pinoy Style in a Korean Restaurant

When the kids were young, we used to celebrate
Thanksgiving at home with a traditional turkey dinner,

…but as our employees and household staff grew,

....we started celebrating our thanksgiving dinner annually
with them as a way of thanking them as most of them
had been with us for more than 10 and even 20 years.

We initially wanted to celebrate the thanksgiving
feasting on Korean food at Kimchi in Magsaysay

…but when we learned that we could also order the dishes
being offered by its sister restaurant Chicken Bacolod ,
we decided to go for an all Pinoy Thanksgiving Feast.

We ordered Pancit Bato, a true blue Bicolano dish.
This iconic sun- dried rice noodles from the town of
Bato, Camarines Sur had a deliciously gritty texture
with a light and barely evident mustard- like aftertaste.

We also ordered a regular Pancit Guisado, 
made of pancit sariwa noodles which had
bigger, longer and more pliable noodle strands.

The Laing was perfectly done as the gabi
leaves used were only half- dried before
being simmered in creamy coconut milk,
had a perfectly fibrous but soft texture after. 

Gulay na Santol is one of my favorite dishes
in Bacolod Chicken. It is made of grated fleshy
part of santol, simmered in thick coconut milk
with bits and pieces of pork fat and lightly
flavored with bagoong. This is very delicious.

The Fried Tilapia perfectly fried as it was crispy
on the outside and very moist an tender inside.
The fish was also sweetish as it was very fresh.

One should never miss the Beef Stew, when dining in
Honey's Kimchi. In fact this was the only Korean dish that 
we ordered as everything  were from Chicken Bacolod.

Instead of a turkey we had Agra’s Lechon
 for an authentic Pinoy thanksgiving experience. 
The Agra family from Naga  City Subdivision is
our favorite lechonero as they consistently come
out with mouth-watering perfectly roasted pig.

It came with the best tasting liver sauce (or sarsa)  
that was very delicious. The sauce only complements  
the already tasty roasted pig and does not overwhelm it.

For our dessert, we had a lovely
cake from Cake My Day, 

.…and Lankasuy Ice Cream, a perfect blending of
 jackfruit and bits and pieces of ‘kasuy’ or cashew
nuts the from ColdShack located next door. 

Thanksgiving Day also falls on my wife’s birthday, 

...so we get to celebrate a more meaningful double
celebration as we have a dual reason to be thankful. 

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