Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pulpy Orange Jell- O :Healthy Snack and Dessert

Pulpy Orange Jell- O  
Healthy Snack and Dessert 

It was a weekend and I was inspecting our
pantry so we could update our grocery list,


…when I chanced upon a box unflavored of yellow
colored Mr. Gulaman which we bought a long time
ago and never got to use as we totally forgot about it.
It was near expiring, and this is the right time to cook it.


I sourced out ingredients from the fruit tray, and when I saw
 the oranges, I decided to use them as a flavoring and for
a recipe that I have stumbled upon the internet in the past.


The recipe was very simple and basic,




…but I opted to use Green Stevia to
make the dish sugar free and healthier.

Extract the orange juice from a juicer,

…clean the orange skin core and save.

Mix all the ingredients, in a bowl
of water and boil for few minutes.

Fill the orange skin cores with the jell-o, let them 
cool down, keep in the refrigerator until it solidifies.



Cut the orange skin core into wedges,

...and serve cold.


Kids would surely love these attractive
pulpy, healthy orange jell-o wedges.

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