Saturday, December 26, 2015

Triboo Grill’s Bibingka

Triboo Grill’s Bibingka 

It’s Christmas season and its Bibingka season.
Fortunately, there are several stores in the city
that makes this iconic Pinoy rice cake available
all year round. First is Bibingkinitan in SM City,

…second is Xandrix in Mayon Avenue
that I have already blogged in the past,
where puto bumbong is also available,

…and third at Triboo Grill in Mayon Avenue,


.... where there is a section  dedicated to serving Bibingka alone.


Tribo Grill’s  bibingka dough looked similar 
and interestingly tasted like Bibingkintan as 
it had a fluffy, pancake- like consistency, 


....and they offer four flavors.


First was the banana- stuffed bibingka called
Bibingkana, which was not available then.


Second was Bibingkalog, stuffed with itlog na maalat.
There is really nothing special about bibingkalog as all
Pinoy bibingkas are supposed to be flavored with salty
egg and should not be marketed as a special flavoring.


The salty egg also did not go well with the
sweet dough. Try adding itlog na maalat to
a pancake and it would  surely make you puke.


The third one, Bibingkabebe, stuffed with candied ube.
Having a purple yam was fairly acceptable for a bibingka
and it gave me an idea for a new pancake flavor at home.


The last one was Bibingkako, a buko stuffed bibingka.
Just like the ube, the candied young coconut meat also
went well with the sweetish dough, but there is nothing
special and nothing to rave for on this bibingka version.

Triboo Grill’s Flavored Bibingka is
a lot like the  popular Bibingkinitan,


…and not the traditional type of bibingka like
Xandrix Bibingka found in  Mayon Avenue.

They are oven baked pancake variants dressed
in banana leaves pretending to be a bibingka.

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