Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cosmopolitan Naga: Foodie's Paradise

Cosmopolitan Naga  
Foodie's Paradise in Bicol

Naga City, I believe, is the only place in Bicol 
where one can have a Starbucks for breakfast,

...Sbarro's for lunch,

...a Yellow Cab Twisted bread
for snacks and recess,

...and tasty Korean dinner at Kimchi

...or a healthy Japanese dinner in Okuya,

...or even in Rai Rai Ken.

Does your tummy still have a room  for pasta 
perfection before bedtime from Pizza Hut?

These are but few of the popular local and international franchised restaurants,  
not found anywhere else in Bicol but  found a niche in Maogmang Lugar.
making Naga City,  the undisputed foodie capital of the Bicol Region.

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