Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jack’s Blue Plate Magsaysay: Good Food Comes to the Strip

Jack’s Blue Plate Magsaysay 
Good Food Comes to the Strip 

It was a welcome respite for Naguenos when 
Jack’s Blue Plate Diner opened up a branch at
the Magsaysay Strip as it brought the restaurant
closer to good food lovers based in Naga City.

Although we have already dined for so many times
in Jack’s Blue Plate Diner in Pili, it was our first
time to dine on Jack’s Blue Plate Magsaysay branch.

They have a different set of menu in this restaurant with the
other  two branches, the one in Pili being a diner, while the
Jack’s Blue Plate Express in Panganiban is a fast- food.

We started our dinner with a delicious Corn Soup,

…and what came next are some of the best tasting dishes
found only in one of  the best restaurants, in this part of
the world. From the tasty and spicy Hot Chicken Wings,

…to the full slab of Baby Back Ribs.  These two
dishes  are some of the best reasons why people
kept on coming back to Jack’s Blue Plate Diner.

Ginger Chicken is something that is new on the menu.
It was love at first bite for me for this dish as I loved
the sweetish- tangy dish with a gingery caustic after taste.

I found the Strawberry Shortcake a little bit sour,

…but the Apple Pie is to die for. Just for this
sweet treat alone it would be worthwhile to keep
on returning to Jack’s Blue Plate again and again.

Each Jack Blue Plate Magsasysay dinner comes with
 a complimentary  serving of perfectly brewed coffee.

Having one of our favorite restaurants nearby is a
 welcome addition to the famous Magsaysay Strip.

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