Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bigg’s Diner BMC: Bigger Servings, Bigger Taste

Bigg’s Diner BMC 
Bigger Servings, Bigger Taste 

It was a very busy day for us. My eldest daughter was the 
guest speaker for the pre- school's moving- up ceremonies,

…while she was also graduating in high school
and was scheduled to speak in behalf of her batch
on her own graduation scheduled in the afternoon.

We barely had two hours to return to school after
her morning gradation speech at the pre- school
ceremony,  to her own high school graduation rites,

…so off we went to Bigg’s BMC for a quick lunch
as it is a very reliable restaurant that provides good
food fast, and it also had and ample parking space,

…it is located at the back of the Bicol Medical Center
(what BMC stands for) which way off the main road, so
the restaurant does not get crowded any time of the day.

We were all thirsty and thankfully, they immediately
served their iconic, delicious and very refreshing
Rock and Roll Iced Tea in humongous beer mugs.
This is something new as they used to serve this popular
iced tea in tall transparent glasses of different sizes and
we learned that they only offer single size this time.

We started our lunch with a hefty serving of Mediterranean Salad,
and I am glad that Bigg’s had healthy choices in their menu aside
from the usual fast food fares. The salad was served with a mayo
dressing, but it was already delicious without it and even healthier.

My son wanted to eat light so he ordered the ever popular
Bigg’s Crispy Chicken, which, I believe is one of the best,
biggest and tastiest fried chicken meal in the Bicol Region.

He partnered it with a plateful of Chicken Macaroni Salad.  
This perfect combination of fried chicken/macaroni is available
as a combi- deal in what they call Bigg Treat, but we chose to
order the two dishes separately. We wanted  a bigger serving
of  macaroni salad (everyone’s favorite),  so we could share it.

My daughter ordered Korean Spare Ribs, that we always partner
with Java Rice as they really  go together well. This pork rib is so
tenderly delicious and had a melt in the mouth consistency. Some
may be turned off  this dish being greasy, but who cares about the
fat and all?  It is so tasty that even the fatty parts are edible, and one
would end up craving for more. It is a must try when dining in Bigg’s.

My wife ordered a Bigg Deal. It is  a plateful of Bigg’s all time favorite
so it appears a like a sampler for the  restaurant’s best of  dishes.  It had
Crispy Chicken, the very delicious Pork Kebabs, probably the best tasting
barbecue in the city, served with a generous, heaping mound of spaghetti.

While I decided to try their new Fish Creole.
This dish is being offered by Bigg's every Lenten
 Season,but I wish they would make it available
all year round, as it is tasty and healthy as well.


What I noted lately is that, most of Bigg's popular dishes are  
now being served in new bigger plating and bigger servings  
and this generous upgrade is a welcome move for the restaurant.


Bigg’s Diner is probably my most reviewed restaurant
in this blog,  and that despite of my several unfavorable
criticisms in the past, my family  still kept of coming
Those are testimonials that I love being a Bigg's critique as I grew up
with the taste of Biggs and I exactly know whatever change in taste,
quality of food served and any any variations from the original one.


  1. hi there! i was wondering if you can remember what was in the mac salad of bigg's? i am trying to re-create it kasi i miss it so much. i can see sa picture there's pineapple tidbits and red bell pepper (or is it pimiento?). I can see there's raisins but is that mushroom pieces on the left side of the egg? i do know there's chicken in it. but i would like you to confirm to me if my observation of ur pic is right? pls reply ha? thanx much!

    1. Those are bits and pieces of carrots not pimiento or red pepper. Yes there are pineapple tidbits. The salad also has chicken, sprinkled with cheese and topped with eggs.

    2. naku! salamat sa reply. i think this is my 2nd or 3rd message to you about your post, lol. now i can totally make it w/ your recent info. happy holidays and thanx again.