Saturday, May 30, 2015

Starbucks Naga: Milk Dunkin' Cookie Bonding

Starbucks Naga 
 Milk- Dunkin' Cookie Bonding

My family is a Starbucks fan but we always order
our food to go and we never really go there to dine
as we didn’t want to waste our time doing nothing
worthwhile as it is not a full dining restaurant.

We have also thought that the kids are too
young to laze and be idle, lounging around
in a coffee shop  with caffeine- drinking adults.

We only get to enjoy Starbucks whenever we are
out of the country as there is nothing comforting
than a hot cup of coffee in a bitingly cold weather.

^^Starbucks Excalibur, Las Vegas

But last weekend, I had a chance to bond with
my young son at Starbucks Naga, while waiting
for our turn for our haircut in a barbershop.

 Cropped from SOURCE

The queue was rather long and instead of wasting our time
in the barbershop, we drove to the nearby Starbucks to
enjoy my favorite book with a glass of Red Iced Tea,
a refreshing summer treat as it was too hot for a coffee.

…and a creamy and yummy Honey Glazed Donut.

While Timothy had a huge
Choco- Chip Almond Cookie,

…which he dunked in a glass of warm fresh milk,  just like
the way he does every time he eats his cookie at home.

…and what a wonderful time we had.

I guess we would visiting Starbucks  frequently in
the future, for more milk- dunking cookie bonding.

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