Saturday, September 27, 2014

Caby’s Cabana: A View Deck to Translacion; Penafrancia 2104 Series 4

Caby’s Cabana 
A View Deck to Translacion 
(Penafrancia 2104 Series 4)

Caby’s Cabana may not be on my must dine
list and I have been a little unkind in my past
blogs on this restaurant (as I  have always been
to most true blue, unmodified, too salty, too
sweet, too sour and grease laden Pinoy dishes),

…but my family has been returning to this
restaurant every year as it has been a perfect
view deck for the Penafrancia Translacion.

The restaurant is located right at the city center,
just across the historic Plaza Quince Martirez,

... and a block away from the
ancient San Francisco Church.

We stayed the whole afternoon while
waiting for the Translacion procession at
the Caby’s Cabana, and we had a chance
to dine with their light meals and snacks.

We ordered their very delicious Cassava Cake.
While it maybe true that almost all cassava cakes
taste the same, Caby’s Cabana version was perfectly
chewy,  and with the just right degree of sweetness.
It was so  delightfully gluey that it sticks in your palate,
making the creamy and heavenly goodness of this
delicious dessert  linger much longer in your mouth

We also ordered Turon al Hillo, or banana fritters,
which is a popular Pinoy street snack fare. It is made
ripe bananas was wrapped in thin rice wafers, fried
to crispy perfection and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

The Caby’s Cabana’s banana turon comes with
a generous ripe langka (jack fruit) filling that
the tasty juicy strands oozes out in every bite.

It was so delicious that we decided to order
more and had them wrapped to take home.

I would not recommend the Cheese Burger
as the patty was very thin rubbery and tasteless.

I am a pancit lover and I like
their delicious Pancit Bijon,

…and the Pancit Canton as well.

After the Translacion, we decided to have a light
dinner as we were still full from snacking the
whole afternoon.  But we had to eat to energize
as we would again be hiking from the no car zone
centro to Plaza Medica where we parked our car.

They have a lot of choices for their ala carte dining and
we ordered Pork Barbecue. It was served with Java Rice
and we found both the rice and the pork too sweet.

We also ordered Lechon Kawali, we found it a little
salty but it was okay but really nothing to rave about.
It was served with Bicol Express as a side dish.

I liked their Chop Suey, as the veggies were
fresh and crispy and tasted very delicious.

Their Crispy Fried Chicken doesn’t look inviting as it
was served as several pieces of unrecognizable breaded
chicken parts. It was crispy- and that was I all I can say.

The best ala carte dish the Caby’s Cabana could offer 
I believe is the Grilled Liempo. It was perfectly grilled, 
the pork was tender and succulent and had the right blend 
of sweetness and tartness. Just like the other dishes, it was
also served with rice and Bicol Express as side dishes.

Interestingly, none of the dishes tasted as salty like

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