Saturday, September 6, 2014

Annelle’s, Naga Centro

Annelle’s, Naga Centro 

I have always thought that Annelle was a dress shop,
until we chanced upon a vacant parking in front of the
restaurant after driving aimlessly all over the city on
a busy weekend looking for a place to park and dine.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover
that it was a lovely restaurant after all,

…that had a dainty interior decoration and makes
one feel that one is dining in an outdoor trellised
lanai of a rustic old English countryside cottage.

It was a poshified Turo Turo restaurant that offers
pre- cooked meals displayed in a glass encased counter
where diners could choose what they want to order.

We initially ordered a bowl of Pork Sinigang.
and passed our standard of having just the right
‘asim kilig’ not the disgusting ‘mukhasim’ response
in most of the other Pinoy sinigang in the country.

In fact, it was so delicious that we ordered
another bowl of the tasty Pork Sinigang.

We were delighted that Annelle is one of the very few
restaurants or may even the only restaurant in  the city
that has a homestyle Meatloaf in their menu. My family
loves meatloaf that we had to satisfy our cravings for the
dish from the salty an rubbery canned grocery versions.

Annelle’s meatloaf was served wrapped with a bacon strip
was soft, tender and very, very delicious. It crumbles into
small bite size pieces when cut and bursting with the savory
flavors of a classic style country meatloaf of the old days.
It was so delicious that we again ordered another serving.

We also tried our family’s all time favorite bitter gourd
and it was available as Ampalaya con Tausi at Annelle’s.
The chef retained the natural bitter taste of the ampalaya
and we like it that way, which was perfectly neutralized
by the just the right degree saltiness of the  black beans.
It was served with bit size pieces of tender and lean beef.

The Tuna sa Gata was also very delicious.
The fish was cooked in creamy coconut milk
mixed with  eggplants, pechay and tomatoes.

A musty try and must order dish in this restaurant
is the yummy Beef Caldereta. The beef is tender
and the meat sauce had the perfect blending of tomatoes
and spices and leaves a fairly sweet peanut after taste.

We concluded our meal with a Fruit Salad,
that had a briny after taste but it was okay,

…but the sinfully delicious and
creamy Ginatan is to die for.

Surprisingly, we only spent less than 500 pesos
for this hearty and delicious dinner. Annelle
is a cozy restaurant with quaint country setting
serving food that is both delicious and affordable

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  1. Omigosh. The ring! The ring!

    1. Ring? What ring? I do not see any ring. The post is about food.

  2. It's that beautiful heart shaped diamond ring the lady is wearing on the 'sinigang portion.

    Oh, I dream of that.

    1. Okay. I didn't notice that.

      But anyway, this is not a fashion blog, but I would blog about rings in the future- onion rings.

      That was meant a a joke Edna, not a sarcasm. I really thank you for noting the smallest detail on this blog.

      Your comment made my wife very happy. Thank you for vising my blog.