Saturday, October 6, 2018

Inya Lake: Serene Lakeside Walk Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 2

Inya Lake
Serene Lakeside Walk
Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 2 

Right in front of  Melia Hotel is the Inya Lake,

…and our room had a breathtaking
view of this scenic serene lake. 

Formerly known as Lake Victoria,  it is the largest lake 
in Yangon, Myanmar. and  an artificial lake built in 1882 
by Myanmar’s former British colonizers as a water
reservoir to provide water supply to the city of  Yangon,. 

The the surrounding shoreline is one of the
most exclusive neighborhoods in Yangon,


…much of the shoreline is some of the most
expensive private properties in the country. 


Aung San Suu Kyi’s  lakefront residence,


…was visible from our hotel room window. 



Le Planteur, Yangon’s Michelin star restaurant 
is also located on Inya Lake’s scenic shores. 



Inya Lake is a popular recreational area for Yangonites,


…a well known as a romantic dating area,



…it is also the best place
to watch the Yangon sunset,



...and offers visitors sailing and rowing activities.



A early foggy  morning or late afternoon leisurely walk 


....around the serene Inya Lake,

 ... is an invigorating  experience for
 tourists looking for peace and quiet.

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