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Yangon Culinaria: Best Eats in Yangon (Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 16 )

Yangon Culinaria 
Best Eats in Yangon
Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 16

Myanmar’s cuisine is little-known compared to the popularity of its
 neighbors like Thailand, India and China in the global culinary field-

…so, little information is available if one would want
to sample the food and drink that the locals love best?

The best way to discover Yangon's popular culinary 
highlights is to explore the city’s busy local markets,


... where vendors gather to sell everything
 from fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meats, well as a wide variety of herbs an spices and ready to use pastes
marinades and sauces popularly used for dipping in Burmese cooking .

You'll walk past vendors selling various street food,

…including a numerous noodle stalls,

…teeming with locals gathering for tasty all day meals. 

Mohinga or Mo Hin Kar, is one of the dishes
that tourists should not miss when in Yangon.

Considered as Myanmar’s national dish
 where there are several versions but this
is actually a noodle in a catfish broth. 


Burmese Chicken is another must not miss dish.

Also known as Myanmar Chicken, it is a spiced,
slow cooked aromatic chicken curry infused with
ground turmeric, garam masala and fish sauce. 

Rangoon Tea House, a popular stylishly designed teahouse
is one of the not to be missed  restaurants for Myanmar visitors.

This traditional tea shop stood through decades of military rule
and still serving British style teacakes and pastries and traditional
Burmese snacks like tea-leaf salads, bao, paratha and samosas. 

Sharky’s is a must for those looking for healthier
alternative as its uses 100% organic ingredients.

…and prides itself using natural, unprocessed
and unrefined ingredients devoid of artificial
flavorings, colorings, and preservatives.

Another must dine restaurant in Yangon is Le Planteur. 
It is a Michelin Star Restaurant, and recognized as one
the best restaurants not only in Myanmar but in Asia as well.

It is a beautiful restaurant with interiors that of a dominantly
classy French with an eclectic mix of local Burmese elements.


The food is superb, and the service was excellent, and
it is definitely the best fine-dining restaurant in Yangon,
and there no other restaurant in the city comes close it.

We were fortunate to stay in Melia Hotel as they have
a wonderful in house restaurant called Market Place, 
the provided us with a wide array of dishes on the buffet,


…including a good number  Burmese cuisine.


Also nearby is the late night Sedona Buffet, 


…that had and Asian buffet which included
indigenous Burmese desserts  in the  banquet.


Both buffets offered an array of local curried dishes,




…from, fish meat and vegetables,



…with accompanying dips and sauces.


Sampling traditional, tasty Burmese dishes is a perfect
way to satisfy one’s culinary exploration of Yangon.

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