Saturday, November 10, 2018

Le Planteur: Yangon’s Michelin Star Restaurant (Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 12)

Le Planteur 
Yangon’s Michelin Star Restaurant 
Yangon, ASEAN’s Jewel Series 12

Le Planteur is the most talked-about restaurant in Yangon,


...and it is not surprising as it is a Michelin Star Restaurant,


…and recognized as one the best restaurants
not only in Myanmar but is Asia as well.


Located at the shores of serene Inya Lake,

…one may have a choice to dine outdoor
under the moonlight by the lakeside,


…or in an open veranda, also with
the view of the beautiful Inya Lake,


…or even in an informal
dining area like the porch.


There are several private indoor dining rooms,



...with interiors that of a dominantly classy French
with an eclectic mix of local Burmese elements.



Whichever you choose, the dining
ambiance in Le Planteur is amazing.


With the gorgeous ambiance,


... we excitedly waited with abated breath to try the food.


This initially served us assorted breads and judging by
 the freshly baked aroma and the creamy texture of 
the dough- we knew that we are in culinary heaven.


What I initially thought as an appetizer, turned out tp
be an Amuse Bouche. a bite-sized ‘hors d'œuvre’,
French phrase which literally means mouth amuser.


As a French tradition, they offered complementary
wine, meant to prepare us for the main meal service,

The Hokkaido Scallop Mille Feuilles which means"thousand-leaves”, 
the layers of  puff pastry alternating with spicy Wasabi Ice Cream. It was an 
 unexpectedly delicious combination with the sweet fondant perfectly blending
 with the fiery wasabi creating a piquant explosion of flavors in the mouth.

I loved the Foie Gras Pan Seared Salty Caramel.
The deliciously seasoned and perfectly pan seared
Foie Gras was sinfully creamy served with beetroot.
sliced and arranged ever so beautifully, creating
not just a delicious but also a visually stunning dish.


The Lamb Rack in Green Garlic Crust was
a work of art and a culinary masterpiece as well.
The lamb was tender and juicy and was coated
with tangy garlic crust spiced with aromatic herbs.


Another main dish which name I could not recall
but remember hearing a flatfish from the waiter,
and just like the lamb it was a also a culinary gem
as it has a deliciously subtle aromatic herb flavor.

They served the Raw Mil Premium Cheese Board 
where a great selection some of the finest French
cheeses was served, a holdover from European dining
tradition of serving a cheese course after the mains. 

We ended our dinner with the sinfully delicious 
Black Chocolate and Passion Fruit Dome ,


…that went well with a cup of perfectly brewed coffee.


The food was superb, service was excellent,


…the lakeside location was awesome,


…the dining atmosphere was classy
yet relaxed and non- intimidating,



 …all factor up together in creating the
best dining experience we had in Yangon. 



Le Planteur is definitely the best dining restaurant in Yangon,


......and there no other restaurant in  the city comes closeto it.

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