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Villa Caceres Hotel Executive Room; Cramped Victorian Splendor

Villa Caceres Hotel Executive Room 
Cramped Victorian Splendor 

Villa Caceres Hotel is the longest existing hotel in the Bicol
from g a small hotel called Casa Catalina in the 70’s, it had
grown to 186 rooms, presently the biggest hotel in the region.

It had just completed a new budget wing,

…and presently expanding at the rear for its underground parking
and would house additional more or less 80 premier rooms and this
would add up to more than 200 rooms in the next few months.


We booked a room few weeks before Christmas when we attended
a debut and found the hotel garishly over- decorated with Christmas
lights defacing the otherwise beautiful Mediterranean façade.

They also messed up the elegant chandeliers by
covering them with cascading Christmas lights,


…and randomly put up a wide assortment of
beautiful yet dissimilar Christmas decorations

…resulting to an eclectically perplexing,

…and disorganized theme.

The Rose Garden, a former open courtyard,

…had undergone an awesome transformation,

… as a new lobby extension near the check in counter.

The hotel staff was courteous, 


…check in was uncomplicated and
we were in our room fast and easy.


Our suite is an Executive Suite which had
an elegant and beautiful Victorian interiors.


It had one double bed, too small for a family of
four to fit in but that was okay as we didn’t intend
to sleep here. We booked the room so we could have
a place to get dressed and rest during the occasion.


The room was beautiful but cramped with too many bulky
furniture like the handsome table that holds the LCD TV.


…and other table that serves as a mini- bar
that  holds the kettle and the coffee kit .

A single table both for coffee tray and the
TV to maximize the space would be okay.

There was also a massive working and reading desk,


…and spacious closet.

…that holds a small refrigerator,

…and the electronic lock.

It had a beautiful toilet,

…a nice bathtub,

…provided with basic amenities, 

.and sufficient toiletries.

The room had and balcony,


…with a backyard view of a private house next door.

A room had only land line phone at the bedside,

…and  rather slow complimentary Wi Fi connection.


Villa Caceres Hotel is located in the glittering 
Magsaysay Avenue, a walking distance to hotels,
 lifestyle centers and numerous restaurants lining the strip.

It has a rear access to the Naga City Hall, 
and the Naga Science Centrum,

Source: LINK

…and located few blocks away
from the Penafrancia Basiliica,

…and the Penafrancia Shrine.

CamSur Viaje, an in- house travel agency could arrange special
tours within the suburbs and to the neighboring provinces as well.


The Villa Caceres Hotel’s Health and Resort Spa
had undergone a massive and awesome renovation.


From an ordinary looking pool and Jacuzzi,

^^^Jacuzzi, pre- renovation

^^^Swimming pool, pre- renovation
…it was transformed to a
magnificent  five star facility,

…with four pools that include a Jacuzzi,

…a children’s pool,

…an adult pool,

…and a lap pool.

There was also a spa,

..and a three level gym.

Villa Caceres Hotel is also home
to the popular Evolution Salon.


This newly renovated Health and Resort Spa could
be considered as  the best leisure facility among the top
hotels in Naga City and in the Bicol Region as well.


Despite the more than a hundred restaurants lining 
the Magsaysay Strip where the hotel is located, there 
are several excellent dining facilities housed in the hotel.

Breakfast Buffet

We did not sleep at the hotel, but I returned to the hotel 
together with  my son as he wanted to go swimming. 
We decided to take the complimentary  buffet breakfast.  
which was used to be served at the Rose Garden,

^^^Rose Garden pre- renovation

…but it was transformed into an extension
of the lobby after it was recently renovated,

…and was moved to the main lobby where
the Bistro Roberto was once located.

Villa Caceres serves a decent spread
of dishes on it’s breakfast buffet,

…but one should always try the local
delicacies like latik and binotong.

Bistro Roberto

Bistro Roberto is a popular bar in Naga City
which used to be located near the main lobby,
now occupied by the breakfast buffet area.

It was  moved at the far end of the new building
accessible by the main  road, which was a good
move, as the bistro’s live band was creating a lot
of noise at the lobby when they perform at night.

Rolando’s Café

Rolando’s Café is the hotel’s in house restaurant
and a very popular dining destination in Naga City.

It also recently had undergone renovation and it
serves wide array of local and international dishes.

This restaurant is best known for its Chinese cuisine.

Anne Poolside Bar and Restaurant

Anne Poolside Bar and Restaurant is a new
addition to the hotel’s growing in- house restaurants.


It had a glass walled air- conditioned dining area
overlooking the beautiful resort pool on one end,


…and an outdoor bar at the poolside on the other end.


Rafabelle’s is a popular mall based Bicolano coffee shop
which recently opened a branch at the hotel’s new wing.

This is a two level coffee shop, the second branch in the city,

…and they are apparently opening another branch in
Centro Square, a new hotel in Penafrancia Avenue.

Villa Caceres Hotel has improved a lot after
it had undergone expansion and renovation,
and is now the biggest hotel in the Bicol Region.


The hotel has three wings and caters three different groups of tourists;
The old and original wing targets travelers wanting to save money as it 
offers dormitory type rooms for those traveling by group, and affordable 
solo rooms for those wanting  basic accommodation but with more privacy.


The new wing offers grand Victorian Style rooms,


…while the recently opened expansion
offers affordable budget accommodations.


They are again expanding at the back of the hotel meant to
house a multi- level basement parking and premiere rooms.


It was recently rated a 3 star hotel by the Department of Tourism,


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