Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Green Plaza @ Centro Square: Iconic Chinese Restaurant Made Accessible

Green Plaza @ Centro Square 
Iconic Chinese Restaurant Made Accessible 

Green Plaza is probably one of the oldest Chinese restaurants
 in the city, it had grown  rapidly for the last ten years. Unfortunately, 
their olded branches seemed to be located in the wrong places
 that discouraged us from dining in this restaurant regularly.


It is difficult to find a parking space both in
their Centro and Panganiban Drive branches,
the latter is also too small, so it is always full.

So when we learned that they opened
 a new branch in Centro Square, 

...we decided to dine there and unlike their other branches, 
the parking was plentiful and it wasn’t crowded at all.


We started our dinner with Eight Treasure Soup.
It is a thick and tasty soup with eight kinds of finely
chopped fresh vegetables, and are the ones being
metaphorically referred as treasures in the menu.

The Sweet and Sour Fish, our favorite Chinese
dish was delicious, but we found the breaded fish
fillets macerated, soggy and a little bit overcooked. 


We loved the Beef with Ampalaya as the bitter gourd
was fresh and crunchy and the beef was tender and tasty.

The Chicken Curry also tasted very good.
It was cooked with just the right amount of
curry that it didn’t have horrible smell and
tasted with just the right degree of spiciness.


They served the Pork Sisig sizzling in a hot
plate, which we found to be very delicious .


One thing I noticed though, that the Green Plaza in Panganiban
had bigger servings as the food were overflowing on the plate,

^^^Bigger Servings in Panganiban branch

Green Plaza Centro Square had relatively smaller
portions per serving compared to the other two branches.

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