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Christmas Dinner at Baba Social Dining: Delicious Breakfast Meals All Day Long; Christmas Typhoon 2016 Series 2

Christmas Dinner at Baba Social Dining 
Delicious Breakfast Meals All Day Long
Christmas Typhoon 2016 Series 2

We have been traditionally having Christmas Dinner with
our employees and household staff every 23rd of December,
as this is also a special day, being our wedding anniversary.

It was the our last day of work before we go to a long Christmas break,
and Storm Signal # 2 was already bannered in Camarines Sur, which
dampened the Christmas spirit because of the looming super- typhoon.

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This year, we unanimously chose Baba Social Dining 
for our venue as most of our employees are curious and
wanted to try what the new Carmen Hotel had to offer.

I had a chance to speak in a medical forum held in the
hotel’s function room earlier, which I blogged in this LINK,

…and my family also dined at this restaurant and tremendously
enjoyed their Filipino Menu for their all- day breakfast meals
which I also featured in my blog few months ago on this LINK. 

This is my third outing in Baba’s Restaurant 
and they’re still not offering anything in their
menu except for the all day breakfast fares, and
we ordered the Filipino breakfast for everyone else.

Just like my family several weeks earlier,
our employees and household staff also
extremely enjoyed Baba’s Filipino breakfast.


Everyone was amused when Tia Salve, our hardworking
gardener commented that she finally had a chance to eat 
‘Abo’, Bicolano’s all time favorite dried fish in a hotel.

Though she may sound naively funny, but her cynicism should
also be taken seriously by the hotel. Indeed, why would someone
had to go to a hotel just to dine on dried fish? It was an innocent
biting wit indicating it’s time for Baba Social Dining to offer
better choices other than the ordinary breakfast fares in their menu.

While the group feasted on Filipino breakfast cuisine, my family 
decided try to the American Breakfast Set Meal. that came 
with a perfectly fried crispy and tasty Honey Cured Bacon. 


It also came with Grilled Breakfast Sausage, 


…and some of the best tasting Waffles in the city.


The Toasted Bread, 



…was served together with butter and a very delicious Fruit Jam. 
The fruit jam tasted so good that it kept us guessing on what they
used for this deliciously fruity concoction. It was a chef’s secret,
we were told, but apparently made of several fruits mixed together.


Aside from the fruit jam, there are other exceptional
entrées on the  American Breakfast Set Meal like the 
Meatballs with Mushroom Ragaut, an instant favorite.
The tasty meatball had a delightful aftertaste of herbs and
spices, bathed in delicious creamy mushroom sauce.


The Spanish Omelet was a culinary revelation.
It appeared plain and unadorned but it was probably
one of the best tasting omelet I have ever tasted.
I didn’t know what’s in it, but the filling tasted so good
and only enhanced but did not overwhelm the eggs.


We also loved the Potato Au’ Gratin 


There was supposed to be a Grilled Tomato Parmesan 
in the menu, but I do not remember seeing one or even
eating one during our dinner. They may have forgotten
to serve one, and they owe this dish on our next visit.


The Fresh Fruit Compote was perfect for the dessert.


The meal was served with a choice of either 
Hot Coffee or Choco but everyone chose the
latter and it was perfect for the stormy night. 


Orange Juice was also served as refreshments.

After dinner, the hotel's opulent Christmas 
decoration,  was beckoning for photo- op,

…so we spent a lot of time taking photos
at the Carmen Hotel’s beautiful lobby.

Earlier in the day, we had our annual traditional gift giving
and Christmas raffle for our employees at Plaza Medica
and some of them were lucky enough to win major prizes.

JR, our housekeeper of more
than 10 years won a refrigerator,

…Gigi, my clinic assistant for 21 years won
a washing machine and a microwave oven,

…Belen, our medical technologist
for 19 years won flat screen TV.

After wishing everyone Merry Christmas,
we all went home early to prepare for to the
incoming super-typhoon on Christmas Eve. 

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Christmas Dinner at Baba Social Dining

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