Tuesday, January 10, 2017

East End Taverna: Consistently Très Délicieux

East End Taverna 
Consistently Très Délicieux  

We had an awesome dining experience during
our first visit at the East End Taverna and we
were looking forward  for this second visit.

We were thirsty so we ordered their House Tea 
and we loved it as tasted like a real tea that had
a delightfully vitriolic aftertaste. It is unlike most
of the sugary versions that we have gotten used to.

We intended to order those that we have not tried yet in the menu,
and we kicked off our dinner with Carne Asada for an appetizer.
It was made of tender and juicy pulled pork, mixed with salsa and
cilantro and served in soft tacos with Jalapeno peppers on the side.
This East End Taverna take on this Mexican- Hispanic specialty was
very delicious and a must try, must order dish for anyone dining here.

The specialty House Salad was also very delicious.
It was made of variedly mixed fresh green veggies,
oranges, goat cheese and olive oil that perfectly
blended with the right amount of balsamic vinegar.

We have ordered Australian Sirloin Steak during
our first visit here and just like in the past, it was
a perfectly cooked, succulent medium rare steak.

Same thing is true with the New Zealand Rib Eye Steak. 

It was perfectly seared on the outside but moist and almost
rare yet tender in the inside. Just like in the past, it made me
blurt out again, J’en ai l’eau à la bouche by just looking all
the tasty juices oozing out of the handsomely done beef steak.

The Pili Chicken Pesto was good but the local sourced nut
made the otherwise al dente pasta’s texture like it was coated
with grease when eaten. I believe pili would be better eaten
as sugar- coated candy nuts and not as an oil base for a pesto.

Call it gluttony but we just can’t get enough of East End Taverna’s
goodies so we still ordered their sandwiches. The Fillet Oh Fish was
so good that I finally understood the well deserved ‘oh’ in its name.

The EE Burger was to die for, as this must be the most
delicious burger  in the world.  I am not exaggerating.
My family had been traveling extensively both locally
and abroad and we never fail to order hamburgers in
every country that we visit and nothing comes close to this.

Tasty, juicy, perfectly medium rare100% beef burger
patties lying in fresh veggies and bathed with tangy
sauce served with fried baby potatoes on the side.

We were so full and our tummies didn’t have room
for dessert anymore but one thing we observed-
the creamy Milk Shake tasted like an ice cream and
could pass as a divinely delicious dessert on its own.

My past review of this restaurant was laden with sudden
outbursts in French when they dished out some of the most
delicious European cuisine on our table while seated in
Pinoy bangko without the tedious fine dining formality.

The food here c’est vraiment très bon and deserves nothing
but praises in a language coming from the culinary capital
in the world. I don’t want to sound redundant but the food
in East End Taverna is consistently Très Délicieux. Miam !

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