Saturday, January 7, 2017

Wing Stop Glorietta: Authentic Wing Experts

Wing Stop Glorietta 
Authentic Wing Experts

We arrived in Manila at almost midnight 
after a long haul flight from Orlando,

…and after checking in at Holiday Inn Makati, 

…we were all starving so immediately searched
for a place to eat at the nearby Glorietta Mall. 

It was already late at night, the mall was already closed
and there were very few establishments that are open,
until we spotted the Wing Stop signage from a distance.

We have long wanted to dine in this popular
American restaurant from our frequent travels
to the US and we never had a chance to do so,

…until now.


The restaurant had a modern contemporary feel,

…and we were given a disk with a timer
that sounds off once the food is ready.

Ordering was easy as the wings are offered as set meal.
and we chose the Batter- Fried Wings Set,  that had
4 pieces wings and we chose honey- garlic flavoring.
It was served with Chipotole rice and Texas style fries.

We also ordered Classic Wings Set, which also came
with 4 pieces wings and we tried hickory smoked BBQ
flavor this time. It also came with Chipotole rice and
Onion Rings (which is another option for the fries).

Classic Chicken Sandwich Set, which was
served with Texas style fries as a side dish.

All Wing Stop set meals came with a coleslaw salad.


We have been hearing a lot of good things
about Wing Stop both here and abroad ,

…and my family’s first excursion on
this popular American restaurant has
proven that everything was right after all. 

Wing Stop serves some of the best chicken wings in the world
and rightfully deserves the claim to be the authentic wing experts,.

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