Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Okuya’s Ruben Maki: The Flavorful King of Maki

Okuya’s Ruben Maki 
The Flavorful King of Maki 

Okuya is one of my family’s favorite
Japanese Restaurants in Naga City,

.. .but The Piazza, the lifestyle center where it is located is
home to several of the most popular restaurants in the city, 
making it very difficult to find a parking space on a weekend.

The good thing is, ordering food in Okuya is fast and easy
where we could just leave the car idling by the roadside and
come out with great tasting Japanese dishes to go in a jiffy.

That’s what we always do when we fail to
find a place to park at the Piazza whenever
my family craves for fresh assorted Sashimi,

…from tuna,

…or salmon.

Okuya never fails to serve the crave worthy Sashimi
like they were prepared right after the fish was caught
fresh as it didn’t have any odious fishy aftertaste. Even
my young kids love to eat them without the ‘yuck’ factor.

What caught my attention was an attractively
eye- catching new sushi called Ruben Maki.

It was love at first bite, and I wanted to blog about it, but it was 
difficult to write about something that was indescribably delicious.
 I messaged the Okuya Naga facebook page to inquire on what 
the dish is made of. The owner graciously responded to my query. 

It was apparently named after Okuya Naga’s Chef Ruben and made
 of fried salmon and spicy shrimp rolled inside a Japanese sushi rice,

…bathed with a rich sweetish spiced, secret
thick chipotle sauce in honey- mustard base,

…and topped with torched Salmon in cream cheese.

This is one sushi that could be eaten as it is,
to savor the wonderful blend of assorted flavors
deliciously bursting in your mouth, stimulating
your taste buds to make you crave for more.

Once dipped in wasabi- laced soy sauce, the flavor explosion
flares-up to the max, gets you excited, keeps your adrenalin
going and the doubles up your craving for the Ruben Maki.

Come to think of it. This handsomely crafted delicious Ruben Maki, 
comes with a well deserved torched salmon crown and bathed with a 
 golden honey mustard cape as it is worthy to be called the King of Maki.

We can never get enough of Ruben Maki

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