Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ultimate Hershey’s’ Chocolate Chip Cookie: Pizza Hut Naga Christmas Series 3

Ultimate Hershey's Choco Chip Cookie
Pizza Hut Naga Christmas Series 3

My cookie lover son Timothy, could not contain 
 his cookie- monster craving and excitement,

…that the Ultimate Hershey’s’ Chocolate Chip Cookie
was once again available this Christmas season in Pizza Hut.

This humongous, freshly- baked cookie,

…generously sprinkled with original US
made and imported Hershey’s Chocolate,
.served piping hot and deliciously gooey.

It tasted so good that my son was asking
for milk where he could dunk the cookie.

They serve no milk in Pizza Hut, so we ordered two more cookies
to take home where we could have a cookie milk dunking snack later.

Indeed, Christmas is sweeter in Pizza Hut, 

...with the Ultimate Hershey’s’ Chocolate


  1. Aww I wish this was all year round, recently I tried their KitKat pizza poppers here at SM Naga but each of the 15 pieces did not have an equal sweetness as expected. It was from sweet to bittersweet because some are bit over toasted haha.

    1. Indeed. How I wish that it would also be avialabe all year round.