Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pizza Hut’s Holiday Cheesy Bites: Pizza Hut Naga Christmas Series 2

Pizza Hut’s Holiday Cheesy Bites 
Pizza Hut Naga Christmas Series 2

We were delighted that Holiday Cheesy Bites, 
Pizza Hut’s Christmas pizza offering was already
available when we dined there early November.

Christmas came early at Pizza Hut.

Holiday Cheesy Bites is a
cheese stuffed crust pizza,

….cut into bite size nuggets filled 
generously with stringy mozzarella,

…that oozes out of the tips,

...after being  baked to perfection. 

The pizza comes with the flavors of Christmas, like
 ham and pineapples lying in a thick bed of mozzarella.

It was decorated with creamy white cheese trimmings, 

...contrasted with the colors of 
Christmas of green peppers ,

…and topped with red cherry for the holiday feel.

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