Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Cakes, Bibingka and Puto Bumbong: The Joys Of Potluck Christmas Party

Christmas Cake, Bibingka and Puto Bumbong 
The Joys Of Potluck Christmas Party

My son had been the official cake bearer in his class since  he
 was in kindergarten for their yearly potluck Christmas party,
and  they always reserve a table in their classroom specially 
for the cake that would served as the centerpiece for the party. 

Cake My Day had been our trusted and reliable
partner in bringing Christmas joy to the kids,

…by creating fabulous,

…and delicious Christmas Cakes,

…year after year,

...but this year, their cake stylist was not available, so
I searched the net and stumbled upon Cakes by Riza,

…who baked beautiful Christmas Tree cake for us.

The kids loved the cake.

We decorated their Christmas tree with Cadbury chocolate- filled socks,
which my young son traditionally give as Christmas gift to all his classmates,

…and pre- packed gifts to his teachers.

My family give gifts of appreciation to everyone in school
for graciously accommodating my son on a combination
home and part time regular schooling, the former being the
main curriculum and the latter for socialization purposes,

…so no one could accuse us of bribing anyone as
he is on a non- academic, non- competitive set up.

We also commissioned Xandrix, to bring their famous 
Bibingka and Puto Bumbong to the kids’ classroom 
to let them enjoy an all time Pinoy favorite Christmas fare.

The Bibingka was served piping hot,

…coated with margarine, 

....and topped with grated coconut meat.

The Puto Bumbong was also served
hot, wrapped in green banana leaves

…coated with margarine,

…abundantly sprinkled with brown sugar,

…and finally topped with grated coconut meat.

Other kids brought favorite party fares like spaghetti, 
chicken, colorful pastries, and even ice cream.

With the routine Christmas program,

…and fun filled parlor games,

…everyone had a blast on this
year- end potluck Christmas Party.

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