Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shibuya Japanese Burger

Shibuya! Japanese Burger 
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City 

Being a burger fanatic, I have long wanted
to try this burger restaurant as I was intrigued
on how an Oriental Japanese Burger would
fare to its more popular Western counterparts.

So when I found an empty parking space in the
restaurant I decided to order their burger to go.

I was overwhelmed by the massive selection of
Japanese burgers that I have never tried and tasted
in my lifetime.  So I inquired on what is the best
they could offer and what is their best selling item?

Shibuya Ultimate- the store clerk answered.
I ordered three burgers to go and I was told
to wait for more or less fifteen minutes.


So I checked out the nearby tea house,

…and ordered Kiwi, Apple and
Blueberry fruit infused tea- all to go.

I returned to Shibuya, and got my
orders just in time- 15 minutes flat.

I drove my loot back home,
 and got ready for my dinner.

Shibuya Ultimate Burger came with a
huge serving of perfectly fried French Fries.

The burger is made of 2 thick  100% beef patties,
cheddar cheese, tomatoes, butter, onion, pickles,
 lettuce, chili con carne and Japanese Mayo.

 The bread at the bottom of the burger
was soggy but it tasted great with a slight
delightfully sharp and piquant aftertaste.

It was delicious but the chili con carne
 made the burger taste more like a tangy
Mexican rather than a Japanese burger.


  1. Yee-Kimberly Food CorpApril 12, 2014 at 12:49 AM

    Hi Sir! Thanks for promoting Shibuya Japanese Burger in your blog. Let us know your other feedbacks or suggestions thru our email

    Hope you also liked your drinks at Health Tea Leaf! =b

    1. You're welcome.

      This us what this blog is all about. The best (and the worst) of CamSur and of the world based on personal experience.

      With the great and unique burger choices in you restaurant, it is worth coming back again and again and again.

      Burger feast and galore at its best.