Thursday, April 3, 2014

Casa Soriano: Family Heirloom Cuisine

Casa Soriano 
Family Heirloom Cuisine

 Casa Soriano was full packed when we 
arrived at the restaurant and luckily, 


...we were able to get a vacant seat fast.

 The restaurant was located at the veranda 
and garden of the Soriano Residence in 
Concepcion Grande, just at the back of 
Nissan and Hino dealership showrooms.

 First Rate on comfort, design and coziness.
 That’s how I would rate Casa Soriano’s ambiance
 from the lovely, landscaped  Garden Dining Area,

.... to the alfresco veranda area that had 
a massive antique dining table and 
huge wooden benches where we dined,

 …and the air conditioned dining area.

 Since it was our first time to dine here,
 we asked what they could recommend, 
and  they suggested the  Auntie's Chicken.

The dish apparently takes four hours
 to prepare but luck was on our side as there
 was one last chicken available so we took it.
The chicken skin was coated with a  flavorful crust
that caramelized  from their secret marinade.


Although it came a little salty for us 
(as we seldom use salt at home in any of 
the dishes that we cook), the chicken 
was so tender, juicy and was bursting 
with flavor of herbs and a savory spices.

 There was a dark glutinous filling that tasted  
so good and when we asked what it was, 
we were told that it was a secret ingredient. 
It came with a dipping sauce which we never 
used as the chicken tasted good even without it.

 Fish is a staple fare for my son in every meal 
so we ordered Pan Seared Salmon. The salmon
also tasted a little salty for us, but fortunately,
only at  the outer layer of the fish. Otherwise it was   
perfectly cooked and just like the chicken,
 it was also bursting with the wonderful flavors 
 of secret herbs and spices in very bite.

 We also had a full slab of one the tastiest 
and most delicious Baby Back Ribs in the city. 
This time, it had the right saltiness and it was so 
tender and melts in the mouth when you eat it.

 Interestingly, Casa Soriano seem to be
an all meat restaurant as not a single  
vegetable dish is found in the menu.

 Casa Soriano claims that they are serving 
heirloom dishes, and we are lucky as the  
family decided to share their treasured
recipes for every food lovers like us to enjoy.

I would have to ask them to tone down the salt
for us next time , but otherwise- it is worth coming
 back again and again in this wonderful restaurant.

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