Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jack's Blue Plate Diner: Fresh Lobster, Heavenly Lobster

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner 
Fresh Lobster, Heavenly Lobster 

Jack’s Blue Plate Diner is one of our
favorite restaurants in CamSur, 

…it may be located off town but their
delicious food kept us coming back
to Pili again and again and again.

The kids wanted to try their Fried Chicken 
and they ordered one each and was served
with a cup of rice as a side dish.

The kiddie chicken meal looked ordinary
but it was fried to perfection, it was juicy,
tender and bursting with delightful medley
of flavors in every bite and the kids loved it.

My wife ordered her favorite all day breakfast
of Beef Tapa. I have blogged about this dish in
the past and we loved Jack’s version as  you
could still savor the beefy goodness and is so
unlike most of Pinoy’s Tapa versions that are
too horribly sweet and tasting like candied meat.

I chose a lobster from the fresh seafood
display on the restaurant’s aquarium,

…and they served it hot from the grill,

…bathing with a delicious buttery
sauce blended well with the sweetish
lobster’s fresh chew flesh. If heaven
would be served in a platter, then it
must have taste like Jack’s lobsters.

To our surprise, they served us a complimentary
dessert of Strawberry Cream Cheese Blintz, and
it was so good that we ordered three more to go.

Aside from being our favorite burger joint in CamSur,
my family considers Jack's Blue Plate Diner as  
one of  the best restaurants in  the Bicol Region

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