Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ikan Bakar Cianjur: Jakarta, Indonesia Series 10

Ikan Bakar Cianjur 
Binge Eating on Indonesian Food
 (Jakarta, Indonesia Series 10)

 Tired a weary after the traffic choked city tour,
we dined on this wonderful Indonesian restaurant
called Ikan Bakar Cianjur at the Chinatown.

The restaurant was full packed, and every nook
and cranny was filled with people wanting to
sample the fares on this popular dining destination.

We dined of excellent choices of Indonesian food,
something that we have not tried and eaten yet during our
Indonesian dinner buffet in Sunda Kelapa in Mercure.

Our dinner began in Nila Gurame Sop
 which was made of lightly fried fresh
water carp and later cooked in clear soup
broth with bits and pieces of vegetables.
We all loved the soup as it was so tasty.

This was followed by an appetizer called Karedok.
It is a vegetable salad with Sudanese origin mixed
with  freshly made tangy peanut sauce dressing.

The main course was a very delicious and healthy dish
called Tumis Pucuk Kailan made of Chinese pechay
sautéed on peanut oil and sprinkled with herbs and spices.

We also had Ayam Bakar a sweet and briny, succulent
Indonesian grilled chicken, with a hint of spices and pre.
marinated kecap manis or light, sweet soy sauce.


The Nila Gurame Bakar or the fried fresh water carp
was perfectly done as it  was very crispy on the outside
and very tender, juicy and delicious on the inside.

Everyone’s favorite was Nila Gurame Asem Manis which is
their version of Sweet and Sour Fish, but this  dish just had the
right amount of sweetness unlike our local  Filipino versions
that are reeking with sugar and almost  tasting like fish candies.


The best Indonesian dish that we had so far was the 
Batagor Bandung or the Indonesian Fred Tofu. 
Batagor is an acronym for Bakso Tahu Goreng or
Fried Tofu Balls in English, although what was served
to us were square shaped tofu rather than a ball.

It was stuffed with a mixture of tasty minced meat,
steamed, later coated with batter, fried then
served with a variety of dips and sauces,



With kids around, no meal is complete without a barbecue
and the Indonesian Pork Satay did not disappoint
 and it was served with spicy sweet chilli-peanut sauce

It was a case of too much Indonesian dishes to choose from
and we had too little time so we had to order as many as we can
and end up on an eating binge on  this wonderful local cuisine.

We ended our dinner  with a Fresh Fruit Platter and it
was  a perfect conclusion for this very heavy Indonesian meal.


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