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Naga City, Christmas City: Naga City Christmas 2013 Series 3

Naga City, the Christmas City
Naga City Christmas 2013 Series 3

It was December 24, and Naga City is at the peak
of the festive Christmas season’s holiday mood.

Source: Naga City Deck 

We had no work, the kids are on school holiday
and we intended to do several things that day.

First on our list was to visit the famed Christmas display
 at the City Plaza, for the yearly Kamundagan Festival.

(I borrowed photos at from Naga City Facebook page as
I haven't had a chance to visit the Kamundagan Fair yet)

Kamundagan, a Bicolano word for birthday
 is an annual Christmas Festival in Naga City
that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ,

Source: Naga City Deck 

 ...then drop by the Christmas Carnival Fair
that features life like dinosaur robots,

Cropped from a photo from the net: SOURCE

...dine at the Magsaysay Strip,


...drop by Naga Cathedral to pray,

...visit my son’s former pre- school teacher
who had just given birth to her first child,
after shopping for gifts that we would bring for
the brand new mother and  her new born baby.

But we weren’t able to do any of those we planned.
The Kamundagan Chirstmas Display was overcrowded
With people and we couldn’t find a parking space,

Source: Naga City Deck

The Chirstmas Carnival Fair was just as crowded
and we also could not find a place to  park. 

(I was able to pick the photo below randomly from the net 
and the little boy on it happened to be my son's classmate,
and who's mom was my wife's classmate in collage)

 Taken from the net: SOURCE

Magsaysay Strip was teeming with people, the restaurants
were fully booked and there was also no place to park.

Naga Cathedral was closed, and we found it strange
that a church would close on a Christmas Eve,

We went to SM City Naga and found all four levels
of the multi level parking occupied, including
every nook and cranny at the outdoor car park .

The same thing happened with Puregold Malls
in Diversion Road and in the City Center.

E- Mall and Robinsons were also full of people
and we also couldn’t find any parking.

...and we finally found a parking space
at LCC Central Mall


...and was able to shop for some gifts,

...despite the kilometric line 
at the cashier’s counters.

...and we were also able to dine at Jollibee.


...and off we went to the nearby San Fernando town to
visit my son’s former pre- school teacher and her baby.

Come to think of it, we weren’t able to do everything
we intended to do, a day before Christmas,


 ...but what  more could be more apt and more meaningful than
 welcoming a new born baby to this world on Christmas eve?

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