Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SM City Naga's Grand Christmas Parade: Naga City Christmas 2013 Series 2

SM City's Grand Magical Christmas Parade
Gone is the Grandeur & the Magic has Ceased
(Naga City Christmas 2013 Series 2)

SM City Naga’s Grand Magical Christmas Parade
is becoming an annual Christmas tradition in Naga City,
and my family got to witness their 2012 edition
and I raved  about it in my blog a year ago.

So we came early to SM City Naga to watch this
year’s 2013 Grand Magical Christmas Parade,

…and found the mall decked in one of the most
beautiful and pompous Christmas displays in the city.

There is no doubt about it, SM City Naga
is the most modern and definitely, the
most beautiful mall in the Bicol Region,


…with or without the Christmas decorations.

Then the most anticipated parade began with
the usual parade of colors and banners.

It was then followed by a fake Marching Band,
that did nothing but pretend to be playing
musical instruments and pathetically danced
with the music blasting in the mall’s sound system.

This phony marching band was a big turn off.
If SM wants their parade to be grand,
then put a real grand marching band on it.
What’s a parade without a real marching band?


This dismal display of mediocrity of con artists
posing as musicians dampened the grandness
of what supposed to be a grand parade.

This was followed 
by Frosty the Snowman.

…and his Golden Stars Court.

Then came a Red Nosed Reindeer
mascot whom I presume was Rudolf.

After the counterfeit marching band, came a group of young girls dressed in
colorful ball gowns and cheap looking multicolored wigs matching their gowns,

I initially thought that this was a group of transvestites, pretending  to be 
princesses but my daughter caught my attention while I was writing this 
blog saying ‘those are real girls, Papa and even I know some of them’

When I zoomed the photos in my computer screen, I realized 
that they were  young girls alright.I was watching at the second 
level of the mall and my aging eyes are starting to betray me.

Then came the Christmas Fairies and were also
dressed in candy colored fairy costumes,

…and they were followed by
 the Gingerbread Man.

Penultimately were 
the Elves and Gnomes,

...and lastly, it was Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus waving and
 sending  flying kisses to the crowd. When it was over, the kids 
looked up on us and exclaimed. “Is it finished? That was it? “

We can’t blame them for asking for more
as last year’s parade offered much more.
Gone are the little boys carrying
iconic Christmas Symbols,

…gone was the Nutcracker’s Toy Soldier,


…gone are the Little Christmas Angels,

…gone are the Music Box Dancers,

…gone are the Graceful Ribbon Dancers,

…gone are the String Dancers dressed in gold
swinging strings with Christmas trimmings,

…gone was the Marching Band playing
indigenous musical instruments,

...and gone are the Pretty Majorettes.


The Christmas Fairies on last year's parade
were even more gayly dressed.


The grandeur and the magic are all gone in the
lackluster  2013 SM Naga’s Christmas Parade.

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