Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Okuya Naga: Fresh Japanese Dishes

Okuya Naga
Fresh Japanese Dishes 

We again had a chance to dine at Okuya as we have been yearning
 for some real honest to goodness Japanese dishes for a long time.

We wanted to eat light so we decided to
order only its healthy traditional fares.

We are Sashimi addicts so we ordered
both Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi.


Okuya serves some of the tastiest and creamiest
Salmon Sashimi that we ended ordering thrice.


 Japanese people used to enjoy raw fish without the rice centuries
 before sushi was invented, yet it has surpassed sashimi of being the 
most famous Japanese food and without doubt, Okuya serves some 
of the best tasting in town. Sushi with perfect blending of the delightful
sweetish- sourish flavours in a flawlessly cooked sumeshi rice. 


Shrimp Tempura, is probably their specialty
dish and nobody does it better than Okuya.


It was so good that we ordered another plate.


Japanese cuisine is the best option for those wanting to eat light and 
healthy. However, it is difficult to eat less in Okuya as the food is so  good 
and we always end up eating and ordering more whenever we dine here. 

Okuya is the place to go n Naga City when one is
craving for affordable yet delicious Japanese dishes.

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