Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Orlando’s Premium Outlets: Bargain Shopping on Memorial Day (Orlando, Florida, Beyond WDW Series 10)

Orlando’s Premium Outlets 
Bargain Shopping on Memorial Day
Orlando, Florida, Beyond WDW Series 10

We never shop whenever we travel, but on our second week in Orlando,
there was a huge Memorial Day Sale and the hotel was offering
 free shuttle to Vineland Premium Outlets, we decided to give it a try. 

We arrived almost lunchtime at the 
Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets,

…a moderately sized facility,  located 
near the WDW Resort entrance.

It was a weekday so there were very 
few people around, despite of the sale.

We are not rich and going on a shopping
is never on our bucket list when we travel,
as it is something that we could not afford.

The crowd was tolerable and the huge bargain
was tempting and with so many things to buy, but
without enough money, we focused on three stores;


Prada, where my daughter found
a tennis shoes and my wife a purse,

…while I finally upgraded my decade oldLevis 501 jeans where they 
were sold on a buy one take one deal, with extra 20 % discount.


My son chose two classic Toy Story character
toys from Toys R’ US, that interestingly came
with a toy insurance renewable every 5 years.


The two kids were also happy with their sneakers with colorful 
dancing lights, which were not on sale, but otherwise not very 
expensive as they were being sold in a generic center aisle stall.

We decided to return to the Vineland Premium Outlets 
two days later as we have not bought presents for our
employees yet, but the lady taxi driver suggested that
we try the Orlando International Premium Outlets 

Located at International Drive, it was apparently bigger,
had more stores, and most importantly, must cheaper as
it was located away from form the tourist area of  WDW.

She was right.This was a much bigger facility,
 and had more stores and more choices.


We bought Orlando souvenir shirts for our employees
and for my daughter’s friends in school at the Billabong 
outlet that was being  sold for 3 shirts for only 40 dollars,


…and Vanhuesen shirts of the our
kids’ male tutors sold at 70% off.

My daughter found a bargain
backpack at Michael Korrs,

… my wife found walking shoes from Coach,


…while I got running shoes from the Nike
outlet being sold on a buy one take one offer.

My son didn’t want anything and all he requested was
a huge cookie from Panera, located at the food court,


Which he ate with passion of
a young cookie connoisseur.


With the big bargains during the Memorial Day Sale,
Orlando Premium Outlets makes shopping affordable,



…even to impoverished tourists from a lowly third
world country traveling on a tight budget like us.

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