Saturday, October 29, 2016

SanMig Food Ave, Magsaysay: Fast and Affordable Dining Alternative

SanMig Food Ave, Magsaysay 
Fast and Affordable Dining Alternative 

SanMig Magsaysay is one of the branches of a fast
growing convenience stores chain in Naga City that
opened several branches at a very short period of time.


So we rewarded our little cookie monster
with a milk- cookie dunking snacks after
behaving well  during a dental treatment.


He settled for a Chocomilk,


…and a pack of Chips Ahoy, which he has taste- test 
proven as an awesome combination in the past,

…while my wife ordered a Pan de Coco,

…and had a Bavarian cream filled Mister Donut.

We shared their delicious
steamed siomai dumplings,

…and of course their buy 1 take 1 of our 
favorite sodas,  Pepsi Max and Pepsi Cola. 


Just like 7- Eleven and Ministop, we found the store
a cheap but good coffee shop alternative, to my son’s
favorite leisure activity; milk cookie- dunking snacks.   


With another store existing in Panganiban Drive and two other  
 stores opening soon in CBD 2 and Concepcion, budget dining 
comes 24/7 easy and accessible anywhere in in Maogmang Lugar.

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