Saturday, March 19, 2016

SunDate With Chipmunks Kids:A Dad for a Day of 6 Young Kids

SunDate With Chipmunks Kids  
A Dad for a Day of 6 Young Kids 

The first time I had a movie date with my young son 
Tim (without his mom and sister tagging along) was
during the advance showing of Star Wars at SM City Naga.
He invited his best friend Zachy and his cousin TJ along.

It was already late in the evening when we came out of the
cinema and I took them for a late evening dinner at Jollibee.

They seemed to have enjoyed the movie and when  Tim and Zachy 
planned to watch Chipmunks movie, a weekened  after their first
communion, most of their school  friends wanted to go with them.

Since I would be the only accompanying adult,
and I could only accommodate five or six kids,
I took the first five to have their parental consent.

Together with Tim was Zachy, James, Ben, 
Kymm, and Trish, the only girl in the group,

...they were dropped off at SM Cinema 4 by their parents, and 
went to enjoy  the movie- snacking on popcorn and iced tea.

They were famished after the movie.


I took them to KFC where they
bonded while I ordered their food,

…and feasted on a bucket
of original fried chicken.

I herded them to the van and let them pose for a
 final souvenir photo,  before taking all them home.

It was a delightful experience going out on a Sundate
with my son and his young friends as they all turned
out to be respectful,  good mannered and well behaved.
I hope they would remain that way until they grow up.

I can’t wait to have another weekend date with them,
and I thank their parents for entrusting their kids to me.

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