Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rai Rai Ken, Naga: Seafood Hot Pot Ramen

Rai Rai Ken Naga
Seafood Hot Pot Ramen 

It’s been a while since we last dined at 
Rai Rai Ken Naga and the chilly early
January weather made me crave for their
piping hot delicious Japanese ramen,


…so I had one delivered.


It was a Seafood Hot Pot Ramen,

That came with s Soup Stock that smelled
with the delightful mix of fresh seafood,

…the firm wheat noodles topped with
crabstick, seafood cake and tofu block.

Mix them altogether.

…and you get a delicious blend of hot pot
ramen overflowing with generous seafood,

…al dente noodles, and tasty ramen 
soup to warm you on a cold and chilly day.

A bowl of ramen from Rai Rai Ken is one of the
most gratifying pleasures for every Nagueno.

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