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Seda Hotel BGC; Spacious Rooms, Tiny Lobby

Seda Hotel BGC 
Spacious Rooms, Tiny Lobby 

Seda Hotel BGC, is the second Seda Hotel
facility that we have stayed in the past,

Source: AGODA

The first one is the beautiful Seda Hotel Centrio in
Cagayan de Oro, which we tremendously enjoyed.

The lobby of Seda Hotel BGC was modern,
sleek, but very small for a 179 room hotel.


It gets very crowded at daytime,


…and there was not enough chairs and
couches to sit on the lobby on peak hours.


In lieu of a business center, there were several units
Apple computers at the lobby for guests to use for free.


The check in counter was also very small but
staff at the  was friendly and accommodating.

Check- in was easy, and we 
were in our room in a jiffy.



Our room was located at the 8th floor.

…and right by the elevator foyer.

Our room was a De Luxe King and we were
pleasantly surprised to see that it was very spacious,


… and the we had a lot of space to move around.

It a had a huge comfortable king sized bed.

It also had a comfortable seating area, that had a
cushioned bench and could be used as an extra bed.


There was a study that could serve as
a dining and as a working/utility table,

It had huge flat screen TV,

…and spacious closets.

I had a kettle for a coffee maker at the minibar,

…and a well stocked refrigerator.

It had a beautiful and spacious toilet,

…a nice shower area and a bathtub

…provided with basic amenities,

….and sufficient toiletries.


The room had panoramic windows with a nice
view  of  the booming Bonifacio Global City,

…and of the distant Laguna de Bay on the horizon.

A room had three landline phones-
the first one at the bedside,


...the second one on the study table,


…and a third one in the toilet.

We were very happy with the very fast
and complimentary Wi Fi connection.



The Seda Hotel BGC is located at the
 booming Bonifacio Global City 

....and in close proximity to Market Market Mall which just  like
the hotel, is owned the prestigious Ayala Land Corporation.

It is also a short  ride away from S&R, my
family’s favorite place to shop for groceries.



Seda Hotel BGC had a beautiful outdoor
swimming pool, which we failed to visit,

^^^Source: Seda Hotel Webpage

…but it was visible from our window.

It also had a well equipped Gym.


Breakfast Buffet
Misto Restaurant

The Misto Restaurant offers a
decent spread in the breakfast buffet,

…but dining there is one uncomfortable experience.

^^^Source: Seda Hotel Webpage

It was tucked at a dead end corner of the lobby,

..seemed too small for a 179 room- hotel, it gets very crowded during peak
hours and guests had to wait for hours before they could get accommodated. 

In Room Dining
Dining in A Box

When we ordered in room dining,

…the food was delivered in a box,

…placed on eco friendly
biodegradable container.

The food was delicious,

…and I initially thought it was
cool way to help the environment.


But as an afterthought, it would have
been more environmentally friendly
had they used washable dinnerware,

…and I suspect that this was a brilliant strategy to decongest
the tiny Misto Restaurant so the guests could just pick up
their food to go in those cool boxes and eat somewhere else.


Seda Hotel BGC is an budget hotel  and ideal for those
looking for well-appointed but affordable accommodation.

It has a well- designed   spacious
and comfortable suite rooms.


For a hotel this big, I found some of their
amenities too small to accommodate their guests,

….but I noticed that they are expanding,
and building another tower for the hotel,

…and I hope that the expand the
 lobby  and the restaurant as well.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! The Seda Hotel Nuvali is also good and perfect for staycation.

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