Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Alfogens’ Foods at Hillary and Andrew Hostel: Homey, Delicious and Affordable

Alfogens’ Foods at Hillary and Andrew Hostel    
Homey, Delicious and Affordable 

What used to be the refined Calle Barlin Cafe  
at the Hillary and Andrew Hostel located in
a quaint ancestral house, was renamed into a
more disappointingly tacky Alfogens’ Foods.

At the time we dined, the old but beautiful
Filipino- Hispanic façade of the hostel was
covered with huge political campaign tarps,

…and also a huge signage of the
restaurant’s new ill-chosen name.

It made me wonder why the owners allowed to ruin their 
otherwise beautiful hostel by turning it to an unsightly 
outdoor advertising billboard. We were glad though that 
nothing changed on the charming old-fashioned interiors.

My young son ordered a Pork Chop and it was served with
a cup of rice. It was delicious and had a sweet an sour flavor
that reminded us of the popular barbecue that this restaurant
once served when it was still known as “Our House” in the 90’s.

Their Grilled Pink Salmon may the most perfectly grilled salmon
in the whole world. It came as a huge serving of fresh, juicy and
very delicious pink salmon. I could eat this forever and just for this
dish alone, it is worth coming back for more in this restaurant.

The Pork Sisig was greasy, slimy and
looked mucky but was very delicious.

The Fried Chicken was a revelation. It was covered with
a thin coat of breading that interestingly did not appear like
it was made of flour. The texture was delightfully creamy and
tasted like egg. The chicken was tender and juicy can could be
best described as delicious yet less saltier version of original KFC.

The Chop Suey is probably the best tasting in Naga City.
The vegetables were fresh, crunchy and not overcooked.
The plump shrimps gave a delightful seafood flavor and
the ‘tengang daga’ mushroom served as a healthy organic
thickener that made the sauce richer and naturally tastier.

While I feel sad when they changed the more appropriate
name of Calle Barlin Cafe (considering it is located in an 
old ancestral house), to a more ludicrous Alfogens’ Foods,
I am glad that the food was just as delicious and remained
the same the first time we dined here few months ago.

I hope that they remove the hideous tarpaulins covering
the hostel’s facade, and leave it the way it used to be,

 ....as its old, classic architecture compliments 
the historic Barlin Street where it is located.

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  1. Mariano Joaquin VictorinoMarch 1, 2016 at 9:40 PM

    Their tuna salpicao is a must try. ;-)

    1. If that's the case, then we have another reason to return to Alfogens. But I really hope they should rename it back to Calle Barlin Cafe.

      Thank you for reading my post Marjovic.