Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Crystal Lounge at Crown Towers: City of Dreams Manila Series 3

Crystal Lounge at Crown Towers 
City of Dreams Manila Series 3 

Crystal Lounge at Crown Towers lobby is
where the breakfast buffet is served for those
who are staying at the Crown Towers, Manila.

It was meant to be a lounge so having a full dinner
in the restaurant is uncomfortable and unpleasant,

…as the tables were very small that if you put four
plates altogether, their edges would touch and
would leave no space for extra food anymore.


They have chairs that are so low, which are meant
for lounging and lazing, and definitely not for dining.


Despite these shortcomings, Crystal Lounge is a great 
restaurant that serves delicious food, and we got to dine 
there several times during our  four days stay in the hotel.


Aside from the classy breakfast buffet,


…that for a hotel this standard had
really limited and very few choices,

Crystal Lounge is also open all day
and guests can order a’la carte meals,

…yes, including their delicious breakfast fares.

Despite of the buffet, we always order Beef Tapa
a’ la carte as it was made of 100% US Angus beef.
It was tender and tasty but wasn’t as salty like most
local Pinoy tapa versions that are reeking in soy sauce.

The Pork Tocino was also delicious as unlike most
Pinoy versions that are sickeningly sweet and taste
like repulsive candied pork. This one had a perfect degree
of sweetness with a delightfully mild vinegary aftertaste.

For those wanting a heavy breakfast, one could never go wrong
ordering Continental Breakfast Platter as it had two perfectly
cooked sunny side up egg, crispy thick cut bacon and sausages,

…and served with assorted breads and pastries,

…and what is probably the yummiest
Buttermilk Pancakes in the world.


Crystal Lounge’s Egg Benedict is deliciously addicting.
There was a generous layer of smoked salmon with bits
and pieces of asparagus bathed with Hollandaise Sauce.
Something that should not be missed by anyone dining here.

Shrimp Wonton and Char Sui Noodle Soup is a must
try dish. The savory soup makes you feel delightfully warm and
makes you crave for more. It is a delicious comfort food.


Stir Fried Egg Noodles with Chicken Shrimps
and Vegetables, was so good and deserves another
serving as everyone would be asking for more.

Chinese Steamed Dimsum Basket with Sweet Bean and
Chili Sauce is perfect for an instant snack or as an appetizer.


Despite the discomfort of dining is a terribly small table
and low uncomfortable chairs meant for lazing and not for
dining, just for the delicious food alone, it is worthwhile to
dine in Crown Tower’s Crystal Lounge any time of the day.


Its a great place for a cookie milk dunking snack too. 

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