Saturday, July 25, 2015

Travel Café, Magsaysay Avenue: The Case of Milk Disappearing Cookie

Travel Café, Magsaysay Avenue 
The Case of Milk Disappearing Cookie 

Cookie milk dunking is becoming as bonding time
for me and my son and it’s a good thing that Naga
is home for numerous awesome coffee shops,

…so we would never run out of places to choose
where our next milk dunking activity would be.

After picking him up from school, he was sweating out
from a post class basketball game with his classmates,

…we dropped by the Travel Café for our
routine cookie milk dunking snack session.

Travel Café is a cool rustic British 
inspired café in Magsaysay Avenue

 located in front of Bob Marlin, 
its popular sister restaurant.

It had a charming London style red
telephone booth door for and entrance,

…and a British flag painted on the table top.

I ordered a Cheese Panini Sandwich
that was served with Potato Chips,

…and I also had a jar of Iced Tea.

My son had a huge Butter Cookie,
and a mug- full of warm fresh milk.

He was excited to dunk a piece of cookie on his milk,

…but the cookie quickly perished and melted like ice on the milk.
My son looked at me with a disappointed “the milk
made the cookie disappear” expression on his face.

The cookie was too thin and porous that it just blended
and vanished  with the  milk and so was his excitement.

Everytime he dips a peice of cookie, it quickly melts
and disappears in the milk. With the cookie gone, 
we decided to take the remaining milk home.

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