Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Alfonso: Simply Natural Restaurant

Simply Natural Restaurant 

Tucked at a road less traveled at the back
of Bicol Medical Center (BMC) few steps
away from Biggs BMC in a beautiful and
quaint restaurant plainly called Alfonso.

The restaurant was set in a charming house that had  a
lovely garden that serves and an  al fresco dining area.

Alfonso’s interior was reminiscent of the old-world
but modern contemporary Filipino design that is rustic
that had a very comfortable and homey ambiance .

It had tagline that says “simply natural restaurant” and
it was only when I got hold of the menu that I understood
what it meant as this was a vegan- vegetarian restaurant.

Unlike purely vegetarians that still use animal by- products
like eggs and fish, vegan vegetarians only utilizes those
coming  from natural sources and organic plant products.

We ordered Veggie Sticks made of various vegetables
like squash, radish and carrots, wrapped in Japanese
nori, bathed in flour batter and fried to crispy perfection.

They served the healthy juices in
advance like the Citrus Juice,

…and we ordered Cold Cure Juice for my son
made of pineapple, ginger, peppermint, parsley,
garlic and carrot and it was surprisingly delicious.

We had two variants of vegetable soup, both of which
 were very  delicious- first was the Pumpkin Soup,

…and the Carrot Soup.

We had Sweet and Sour Veggie Balls that had
a fleshy texture and meat- like consistency but
amazingly it tasted even better than a meatball. 

It was served with Fresh Vegetable Salad
as a side dish which was just as delicious.

We ordered a Vegetarian Chopsuey, made of
organic veggies and it tasted so naturally good,
devoid of any d artificial favoring and seasoning.

We had Fish Relleno and no one really noticed that
it was not made of fish but of various vegetables and
textured tofu wrapped in breaded Nori and fried golden
brown and incredibly tasted like a real fish relleno.

The best of all was the Adobo, made of textured
vegetable protein, it looked and tasted like a real
meat adobo, just as delicious but very, very healthy.

They also served healthy Brown Organic Rice, which
incidentally is what we have been using at home. It has
a lower glycemic index compared to white rice and very
ideal for those with insulin resistance and diabetics.

Alfonso’s Simply Natural Restaurant, serves
delicious organic vegan vegetarian dishes and an
awesome healthy gift from nature to Naguenos.


  1. I want to try their food.its like green earth located at concepcion grande

    1. Yes Grace, yes, this is similar to Green Earth Cafe. I also want to bring ma family to Green Earth Cafe and blog about it but for some weird reasons, it is closed on weekends