Saturday, April 21, 2018

Molino Grill’s Kapamilya Meal: Robinsons Place Naga Al Fresco

Molino Grill’s Kapamilya Meal 
Robinsons Place Naga Al Fresco 

Molino Grill is a popular Naga based restaruant
whose original branch  started in Magsaysay, 

…which later branched out in SM City Naga,

…and we were happy when they finally opened a new
branch at the awesome Robinsons Place Al Fresco area.


We were in a hurry and didn’t had
enough time to browse the menu,


…so we ordered a group meal called Kapamilya Meal. 
For not perusing the menu well, little did we know that
included in the meal deal are  some of the most delicious
yet deadly dishes- a Metabolic Syndrome Meal in disguise.


Our family loves this native Filipino sour soup and we were happy 
the  Sinigang Na Baboy was included in the meal deal. Just like
 during our previous dinners in Molino Grill, the soup had just the right  
sourness that would not make you wrinkle you face in acerbic disgust.


The Chicaron Bulaklak was served as an appetizer
and it was addicting and very tasty. It was crunchy
on the sides and chewy but tender on the inner core.


The Adobo Rice was also very delicious.
The rice was bathed with adobo sauce and
topped with bits and pieces of pork adobo.


When they served the Sizzling Pork Sisig, which we also
 found to be very delicious, we came to realize that what
 was includedin the meal deal were food high in grease.


The Pinaputok na Plapla  would have neen a healthier alternative, 
but to our horror it was served bathing in butter.  It was a tasty yet
 unhealthy twist to this classic steamed fish. The butter added texture to 
what was supposed to be a bland tasting, yet hale and hearty dish.


After being served with delicious heart attack in several platters and 
a tasty stroke in a bowl the Chopsuey was our ultimate  lifesaver literally  
and figuratively. The veggies were fresh  crunchy and not overcooked and
 made us eat to our heart’s desire without the fear of being rushed to the ER.


The meal came with Iced Tea Tower 
which was more than enough for us.

The dishes included in the Kapamilya Meal Deal 
were all delicious, as expected with Molino Grill.
I would however be ordering a’la carte next time
we dine to a healthier and more balanced choices

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