Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Via Mare: World Class Filipino Cuisine

Via Mare
World Class Filipino Cuisine 

One of the perks of staying in Edsa Shangrila Hotel,
our favorite residence in Manila, is it’s close proximity
to Shangrila Plaza, where there is a Via Mare restaurant,
right at the threshold of this upscale shopping center.

We always make a point to dine with the kids at Via Mare,
as this is the best place to enjoy old- fashioned Filipino
dishes that has been forgotten in this fast- food generation.

Via Mare has an impeccable reputation of showcasing
world class Filipino cuisine to visiting world leaders,
royalties and dignitaries. It also played host in some of
the most important historic social events in the country.


We overslept in the hotel and missed the
breakfast buffet, so decided to dine here.

Vigan Longaniza is the kind of local sausage delicacy
that we love. It is a bit spicy, tangy and garlicky. It did
not have a disgusting caramel coating, like other longaniza
versions that are too sweet and taste like repulsive meat
candies. Via Mare take of this Ilocano dish is not as
salty and that is good, as you get to savor the flavorful
sausage, that would have been masked up by the brine. 


The Tapa was also very delicious. It was very
tenderand it wasn’t  salty at all, so you also get
to savor the flavorful cured thin slices of beef.

Via Mare’s Chicken Pork Adobo is a brilliant culinary creation.
The meat was pre- marinated, fried and bathed with just the right
amount of adobo sauce. It wasn’t the typical nauseating adobo
that is virtually swimming in ghastly, salty dark sauce. Some
consider Adobo our country’s unofficial national dish, and they
might be referring to Via Mare’s version of this iconic Pinoy dish.

This Spanish inspired Pinoy congee- Chicken Arroz Caldo
is our favorite comfort food. With generous amount of chunks
of chicken, served in a huge bowl, it is a tasty meal on its own.
It is for flavorful and there is no need to add any condiments.

They also offered native desserts and their Bibingka
was one of the best tasting versions that we have tasted.
It is best eaten just with butter or margarine on to and
be sure to instruct the waiter not to add those repulsive
grated coconut and brown sugar as it would ruin the
otherwise neutral taste of this delicious rice cake.

The Puto Bumbong was just as good. This sticky
rice cake made from native purple  glutinous rice
called ‘pirurutong’is so good. Just like the Bibingka
also ask not to add those nasty grated coconut and
sugar and enjoy it unsweetened and unadulterated.


Via Mare is a pioneering restaurant that modified some
Pinoy dishes that might have been unpalatable to other
people to something the could be showcased globally .

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