Saturday, March 17, 2018

Bonchon’s Chicken and Seafood Platters: Robinsons Place Naga, Al Fresco

Bonchon’s Chicken and Seafood Platters
Robinsons Place Naga, Al Fresco 

While there is an abundance of authentic
Korean restaurants in Naga city as most
of them are owned by Korean nationals,

…yet the Bonchon Chicken is still the most popular
Korean restaurant in Naga City which recently opened
a store at the al fresco section of Robinsons Place Naga.

The Korean fast food restaurant traces its roots
began in the early 2000 in Busan, South Korea,
whose branches spread like wildfire in the US
and other Asian countries like the Philippines.



Two of Bonchon Chicken’s bestselling
fares that kept us coming back to the
restaurant are the Bonchon Box chicken,

…and the Bonchon  Seafood Platter.


Both dishes are available in Honey Citrus Soy Garlic
and Crunchy Garlic Flavors-  but whichever you choose- 
you’re in for the best chicken and seafood dinner in you life,

...and worth taking home for sharing.

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