Saturday, March 24, 2018

Koron Native Cuisine: Clay Pot Cooked Delicious, Filipino Dishes

Koron Native Cuisine 
Delicious Clay Pot Cooked, Filipino Dishes 

I tagged my family along during a speaking engagement
in Legazpi, and we chanced upon Koron Restaurant .


Located at the ground floor of a hotel,
a block away from the City Bus Terminal,

…Koron had a rustic themed 
 Bahay Kubo for interiors,


…and we were amused as they also utilized
indigenous materials for eating utensils.



Koron is a Bicol term for earthen clay pot
used as for cooking by most Bicolanos in
the past, and the restaurant is also using the
same thing in cooking most of their dishes.


The Nilagang Baboy was very delicious
and seemed to have been soured with
native ‘kalamansi’ giving just the right
tanginess. It also had a delightful earthen
aftertaste having been cooked in a clay pot.


The Lutong Bahay Kare Kare also had the
earthen aftertaste. This is probably one of the
healthiest versions of the otherwise grease laden
dish as they used lean cuts of beef instead of
ox tail and innards. The creamy peanut sauce
was flavorful  and the veggies were very fresh

The Ginataang Natong Klasiko made of taro leaves,
simmered in creamy coconut milk to a melt in the mouth
consistency and again topped with thick curdled coconut
milk. A classic Bicolano dish, which just like the other
two dishes was  teeming with an earthen aftertaste as
it appeared to have been cooked in a native clay pot.

I was initially reluctant to order Manok ni Koron,
as it was described a “battered” chicken in the menu
and I didn’t want my family to eat something tortured
and heartlessly beaten to death before being cooked.

I cleared it up with the waitress and it turned out
to be a perfectly fried delicious buttered chicken.


The Purong Laman ng Malutong na Pata was
to die for, literally and figuratively. It was a very
delicious boneless crispy pata, sinfully crunchy on
the outside and gloriously tender and juicy on the
inside. One of the best tasting crispy pata in Bicol.


Koron Native Cuisine is an awesome restaurant
that serves clay- pot cooked Pinoy dishes, making
us experience something done by our ancestors.

The two-hour drive to Legazpi from Naga
was all worth it and gives us a good reason
for us to visit Albay again in the near future.


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