Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Kuya J: Robinsons’ Place Naga

Kuya J   
Robinsons’ Place Naga 

It is difficult to find at seat at Kuya J Restaurant 
ever since the opened at the Robinsons Place Naga,

…as it was always full and
the queue is always kilometric.



When we finally got a chance to dine,
aside from having some of their popular dishes.



…we made it a point to order their
bestseller, the Kuya J Crispy Pata.

It did not look pleasing as it was carelessly served

in a chopping board but this crispy pata proves that
the adage ‘not to judge a book by its cover’ is right.
The perfectly fried skin was addictingly crunchy,


…the flesh was very tender and tasty,


…and the joint cartilages were gooey and chewy.
It was so good and left us craving for more.


We also heard that they serve awesome Halo Halo
and we are all excited to return to Kuya J to try it.


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