Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tugawe Cove Café; Relaxing Resort Like Café

Tugawe Cove Café 
Relaxing Resort Like Café 
Robinsons, Placa Naga, Al Fresco

Tugawe Cove Café is an offshoot of Caramoan’s
most popular and luxurious resort Tugawe Cove.

We have been to Tugawe Cove
 in Caramoan few years ago,

…. we tremendously enjoyed the food but
never had the chance and time to go back,
so we were happy when they opened a twin
spin-off restaurant at Robinsons’ Place Naga.


We visited Tugawe Cove Café to have a
light dinner as we were still stuffed full from
the thanksgiving lunch with our employees.
Located at the al fresco section of the mall
Tugawe Cove Café has two dining areas,


…an outdoor section that most
of the time gets crowded at night,


…as it offers the best view of
the Tree of Life’s digital show,


…and a beautiful indoor dining hall with
 a lovely, indigenous tropical resort theme,


…with comfy seats
 and relaxing sofas.


My young son wanted to have a full dinner
and he ordered Buttermilk Fried Chicken.
Made of three huge slabs of perfectly fried
in flavorful breading, crunchy on the outside
while tender and juicy inside, served with
a generous mound of white rice, topped with
sunny side up egg and Kimchi as a side dish.

My wife had a delicious Club Sandwich,
which, unlike other traditional multi- layered
versions, this one had everything (egg, ham,
beef, and fresh veggies) on a single layer of
firm bread that does not get soggy when eaten. 


My daughter enjoyed her Tugawe Lasagna.
It was a fusion of Pinoy homemade goodness
and Italian-style lasagna. There was a perfect
balance between layers of cheese, noodles,
and sauce which I believe was Bolognese
lightly flavored minced onion and garlic

I ordered a s Greek Panini but I believe this isn’t 
a traditional Greek recipe. There’s something  
delightful on this panini that I love- but just can't
pinpoint what it is. The warm bread, intermixing 
with the wonderful flavors of  mushrooms, olives,
tomatoes and the gloriously pungent feta (?)
cheese- its like a wild party in your palate.

Everything went well with
the Passion Fruit Lemonade,


…and we capped our night with
a cup of perfectly blended Mocha,

…while enjoying the Tree of Life’s,


...spectacular digitally mapped show .


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