Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kenny Rogers Roasters at Robinsons Place Naga

Kenny Rogers Roasters 
Robinsons Place Naga 

Kenny Rogers Roasters at Robinsons Place Naga,


...is probably one of the most difficult places to dine in  
the city  as it is always full packed and queue is kilometric.

Located at the al fresco section of the mall,
the overcrowding is understandable as it is the
first branch of the popular restaurant in the city.


Another reason why Kenny Rogers Roasters
is such a hit in Bicol, as they offer a wide array
of dishes in their menu served in huge portions.


The variety of dishes is impressively varied,
 from  healthy and hale, 


,,, to calorie- rich fast food items,


… so there is always something for
everyone in Kenny Rogers Roasters,

...aside from ther classic Wood Roasted Chicken,
where the restaurant was known for in the first place.

For a group of four All Grilled Group Meal
would provide a variety of barbecued dishes.
From Rosemary and Thyme Chicken fillet,
a Burger Steak and a Half Slab Prime Ribs .


It is served with Regular Side Dishes,
muffins, rice and a Pitcher of Iced Tea.


The Rib and Chicken Plate is a bestseller
as it contains two of Kenny Roger’s well
loved dishes- tender ribs and juicy chicken.
Half Slab Rib, 1/4 Roasted Chicken and
comes with two Side Dishes and a Muffin.

A variety healthy dishes are also available in Kenny Rogers.
The Grilled Fish is a must try dish for the health buffs.
Made a generous slab of fish fillet, dipped on a mixture of
lemon-basil, and spiced with garlic, various herbs and spices
resulting to a tangy yet delightfully sweetish- smoky taste.
It is served with a salad and two side dishes and a muffin.

Kenny’s Rosemary and Thyme Grilled Chicken Plate
according the their menu is a surefire chicken craving.
It is made from a chunky chicken fillet, seasoned with
rosemary, thyme, and fine herbs and spices giving the
savory dish  a flavorful aroma and taste. Served with a
cup of Garlic rice, and two tasty side dishes of your choice
and of course, the all time favorite classic corn muffin.

Big, meaty Grilled Burger Steak cooked over oven flame
to well done perfection. It was tender and oozing with its
natural juices. It is served on with a generous amount
of thick, hot, Kenny’s style mushroom gravy, and two
side dishes of your choice, rice, and the signature muffin.

The Roasted Chicken Platter has ¼ classic roasted chicken,
served with rice, two side dishes and the iconic muffin.
This dish was healthy, affordable and yet very, very tasty.


Premium Rib Eye Steak is heartily delicious meal
perfectly medium rare, the most affordable yet very
delicious steak in town. It comes with two side dishes
of your choice and of course-  Kenny’s signature muffin.

The Classic Healthy Plate is low on carbohydrates
but with a balance serving of meat, fruits and veggies.
It comes with complete withone quarter of classic
roasted chicken, a  serving of Kani and Mango Salad,
Fruit Salad, classic muffin and a low calorie drink.


Kenny Rogers Roasters is a chain of chicken-based restaurants
founded by country musician Kenny Rogers and has long ceased
operation in the United States where the restaurant originated.

Interestingly, the restaurant that originally centered
on wood-fired rotisserie chicken continue to flourish
in Asia despite offering almost an non Asian menu,


…and the secret for its longevity and popularity
in the region is the enormous variety of delicious,
yet affordable dishes, that caters to the fast food
loving population and to the health conscious as well.


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