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Kamias: The Best Of Albay Cuisine (Round Table Lecture Series 2)

The Best Of Albay Cuisine 
(Round Table Lecture Series 2)

Kamias is an in- house hotel restaurant of 
Casablanca Suites in Legazpi City, Albay.

My family had a chance to dine in Kamias in the past
and reviewed the restaurant in this blog (link HERE).
My review was neutral. It was just about average,
the food was something good, and but not bad at all.

I returned to Kamias few years later to
speak for a medical round table discussion,
this time the restaurant really got my attention.

Right at the foyer of the lecture room,

...is a massive banquet of some of
the most delicious Bicolano dishes.

I have never seen an enormous buffet
in small conference  where food are
served mostly ala carte, until now.



This one in Kamias is a Fiesta!

Some of the most outstanding
dishes served are as follows: 


Pomelo Salad and Chicharon Bulaklak
 Replacing the traditional vinegar dip with
pomelo salad was unexpectedly intense
combination. The crunchy innards blended
perfectly well with the sweetish tangy pomelo.
This sinfully delicious dish should not be
missed by anyone dining in this restaurant.



The Kamias Laing was made of fresh
taro leaves, not the usual version made
from dried dried leaves. It was simmered
with rich coconut milk to a melt in  the
mouth creamy perfection. It was divine.

I usually avoid bulalo like a plague as the fatty meat
the greasy bone marrow and the oily broth scares me.
However, this Kamias Bulalo was a cut above the rest.
The pork was lean and the broth was tasty and not oily.
A great tasting bulalo with less grease- and less guilt.


It was a full packed lecture,


…after a full packed heavy meal,


 and I look forward of returning with my family tp
 enjoy more of Kamias’ delicious Bicolano dishes.
(Round Table Lecture Series 3) 

Avenue Plaza Hotel 
Awesome Venue, Awesome Food
 (Round Table Lecture Series 4)

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