Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Classic Savory: Classic Feast, Classic Chinese Dishes

Classic Savory
Classic Feast, Classic Chinese Dishes 

Classic Savory brings a lot of good memories
to most Filipinos as it was a popular restaurant
way before the giant fast food chains took over
and invaded the Philippine culinary landscape.


When it opened its first branch in Bicol in 2013,
it immediately became a favorite place to dine
to most Bicolanos as it still serves some of the
most delicious, all time favorite Chinese dishes,
the way they do for the last four or five decades.


We ordered Corn and Crab Soup, and it
was a very delicious way to start a dinner.


What followed next was a sumptuous feast of
classic Chinese dishes that stood the test of time
and brought me back to the days of my youth.


The Yang Chow Rice was very delicious and
could be eaten as a dish of its own. This all- time
favorite delectable fried rice was cooked with
eggs, bits and pieces of carrots, spiced with garlic
and onions and having the flavorful aftertaste
coming from slices of aromatic Chinese sausage.


The is only one word to describe the popular
Classic Savory’s Lumpia Shanghai - savory.
It was so tasty and reeking with a flavorful
spices and delightfully rich umami aftertaste,

The Sweet and Sour Fish was very delicious.
Tender pieces of breaded fish fillet, bathed with
a tangy- sweetish sauce and spiked with just the
exact sourness of vinegar mildy spiced with chili.

We loved the Lechon Chop Suey was a unique
fusion dish. What was supposed to be a healthy
stir fried, fresh and crispy assorted veggies was
sinfully topped with chunky pieces of roasted pig.
It was ab odd but surprisingly delicious combination.


Of course, dining in this restaurant is never complete
without the tasty and juicy Savory Fried Chicken.
this fired chicken is the reason of Classic Savory’s
longevity that makes people coming back for  more.

While we were dining, the crew inquired if we have
a SM Advantage Card and when we said yes, they
served us a free Steamed Fish Fillet.  The steamed
tender fish fillet with a sesame- like aftertaste sprinkled
with bits and pieces fried garlic and was served lying
in a bed of deliciously slimy sotanghon noodles.

We also feasted on numerous Chinese
desserts from the sweet and chewy Buchi,


…one of the most delicious Turon
that we have ever tasted in the city,

… and our all time favorite Black Gulaman.

Classic Savory recently opened another branch
in Legazpi City and the move would bring this
revered restaurant to more Bicolanos in the region.

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