Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pizza Hut’s New Dishes: Extra Goodness, More Choices

Pizza Hut’s New Dishes 
Extra Goodness, More Choices  

It was a pleasant surprise when we dined at 
Pizza Hut in SM City Naga to find out
that they have new dishes being offered. 


Mango Shrimp Salad is an old item in the menu
but we never fail to order as it is our favorite salad.
The crisp Romaine lettuce was topped with plump
garlic shrimps, strips of ripe mangoes, tomatoes and
bathed with a creamy mango dressing. The resulting
sweetish- tangy and delightfully garlicky taste when
mixed was exquisitely refreshing and very delicious. 


Meat Lovers Paella was one of the new dishes that we tried.
This Spanish inspired saffron rice was sautéed with an all meat
ingredient that includes sausages, pepperoni, ham and various
tasty cold cuts. It’s a delicious crust- less pizza set in rice, an all
time Pinoy favorite staple food. It is a rice lover’s dream pizza


Another new dish was the Buffalo Chicken Wings.
This extremely delicious chicken dish was perfectly
fried and tossed in tangy buffalo style spicy sauce,
and available in mild, medium and burnin’ hot. Ours
was that of the mild degree and tasted really great.


The Cajun Fish with Flavored Rice was third
new dish that we ordered. The succulent breaded
fish fillet was fried to crispy perfection and served
with creamy garlic dip and tasty flavored rice.


No dinner is complete for young kids without 
Fried Chicken with Spaghetti, and no one
does this popular combi- meal better than Pizza Hut.


My wife ordered a Solo Hawaiian Pizza 
all for herself as it is her favorite pizza,


…while everyone else feasted and enjoyed the  
Bacon Supreme with Sausage Stuffed Crust Pizza.



We ended our dinner sumptuous with their
delightful desserts like Mud Pie Sundae, 


Jello Sundae,


…and yet another new item in
their menu Pizza Hut Halo Halo,


…which I previously
blogged on this LINK. 

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