Monday, May 30, 2016

Aljosh Café’s Angus Burger Steak: Montevista Walk Park, Naga City

Aljosh Café’s Angus Burger Steak 
Montevista Walk Park, Naga City 

Weekend dining in Naga is becoming difficult
as it takes time to find a vacant parking space in
most of the city’s popular dining destinations.


The good thing is, Aljosh Café at the Montevista Walk Park
located at ALDP/Puregold Mall is an awesome weekend dining
alternative as the parking is aplenty and the food is delicious.


We have dined several times in this restaurant
after the last time I featured it my my blog,


…and have tried almost everything in their menu,

…including their rice toppings,



…and  most of them were delicious  and I decided
not to blog about them as I would sound redundant.



What lately caught my fancy were the burger steak
dishes in which  they have two delicious variants.


First was the Regular Burger Steak that had two pieces
of moderately sized beef patties, bathed in a savory and
creamy mushroom sauce. I found the beef patty rather
rubbery but otherwise, it tasted very good. It was served
with buttered vegetable and a generous mound of rice.
This is one of the best value for money meals in the city.


Just as I thought that the regular burger steak was very delicious,
until they served the second variant; the Angus Burger Steak.  
It a had a huge and thick slab of juicy angus beef patty. It was firm
but very tender and succulent. The awesome beefy flavor and
aroma linger in your senses for so long. So far, one of the best and
most affordable angus beef dishes anywhere else in the province. 

Aljosh Café  is an unassuming culinary gem
where the parking is aplenty, while the food
is delicious and definitely budget friendly.

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