Sunday, August 18, 2013

Classic Savory, SM City Naga Classic Taste for Classic Cravings

Classic Savory, SM City Naga 
Classic Taste for Classic Cravings

It was again one of those busy Saturday
at our SM City Naga branch and it was already
nearing dinner time when we finally called it a day.

The kids had dropped by as we had traditionally
attend an anticipated mass every Saturday afternoon,
but my young son was feverish so we decided to skip church.
(His fever turned out to be a bout of chicken pox later on).

Everyone was tired and hungry and craving
for a much needed supper so I asked
my secretary to check the restaurants downstairs
and have a table reserved for ten persons,
and we were delighted when she said she
had a reservation done at Classic Savory.

This restaurant is always full of diners on weekend
and it is always by chance that we get to dine here.
We are very lucky tonight- as we would be able
to savor our dinner in  this wonderful restaurant
without the noise and the chaos just like in the past.

We started our dinner with their delicious Hototai Soup
 which is a clear soup with variety of veggies like
mushrooms,  Baguio Beans Chinese Pechay, meat, liver 
and minced seafoods.  Had it not been topped with raw egg
which one had to mix to thicken the soup before serving,
this would have been a very healthy dish

We also ordered the Savory Fried Rice, which was
topped with  bits and pieces of Savory Chicken,
Chinese Longaniza and green peas which was so delicious
and could be considered as a meal on its own.


We also ordered some of their new healthy fares
like the very, very delicious Poached Dory with
Assorted Mushrooms bathed in light sesame soy sauce
with leeks and various varieties of mushrooms.

We also ordered Lo Han Chai a very yummy
mix of assorted vegetables, mushrooms and tofu. 

Our meal came with three servings of Buttered Chicken,
that came free with our SM Advantage Card.

The sinfully delicious Pata Tim, that was to tender
 and the meat virtually melts in your mouth.

…and of course no meal in Classic Savory is complete
without their  timeless favorite- delicious,
tender and juicy Savory Fried Chicken.

By the time we were about to finish our dinner,
the diners started pouring in the restaurant-


....and just like our group raring to savor
their classic cravings for Classic Savory.

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