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Bavarian Restaurant (Hofbrahaus) Las Vegas: A Piece Germany Transplanted in Las Vegas (Fabulous Las Vegas Series 5)

Bavarian Restaurant Las Vegas
A Piece Germany Transplanted in Las Vegas 
(Fabulous Las Vegas Series 5) 

 While almost every structure in Las Vegas are nothing
but  fake and mock-up reproductions of the original one,

…here is one building in the city that is an
exact replica of a 400 year old original
legendary restaurant in Munich, Germany-

…the Hofbrahaus, Las Vegas.

Also known as the Bavarian Restaurant, Las Vegas,
it offers guest an authentic German dining experience,
similar to the original and ancient Hofbrahaus in Bavaria.

The restaurant building was built the way
exactly how the original was built, with exact
measurements from height width and breadth.

Hofbrahaus, Las Vegas has two dining
areas, the massively spacious Beer Hall,

…and the indoor Beer Garden that was
made to look like it was outdoor courtyard. 

It had antique looking fountains,

…lined with real looking artificial trees,

…the ceilings were painted
with a cloudy blue sky,

…and there were mezzanines that were
made to look like balconies on the wall.

The Beer Hall is very spacious main dining area
that had cavernous ceilings painted and decorated
exactly the same way  as the original in Munich.

Photos of the original ceiling art from Hofbrahaus Bavaria
were beamed by  projectors on  the ceilings of this Las Vegas
version and apparently drawn by skilled Bavarian artisans.

We were initially served beer and sodas, and the toast
master came our table for the traditional welcome drink.

The kids were also given coloring materials to
entertain themselves while waiting for our food.

We came to the restaurant for lunch and we were starving
as we all woke up late and didn’t have any breakfast,

… and the good thing with Hofbrahaus -
the food came in really huge servings.

My son ordered a Nurnberger Rostbrastwutzl.
It was labeled as ‘sausage at its best’ in the menu, and
it came with three deliciously roasted sausages lying
in a bed of mashed potatoes and served with sauerkraut.

My daughter chose the Jagerschnitzel. It was a classic
pork cutlet, labeled as ‘hunter style’, topped with tasty
and creamy mushroom sauce, bacon and onions.
It was served with a special kind of German noodle
called Spatzle and a small bowl of cranberry jam.

My wife chose Grillhendl, one of their specialties.
A crispy brown Oktoberfest style roasted chicken,
stuffed with parsley, beer butter and onions. It was
served with a homemade Bavarian Potato Salad.
I recommend this dish as a must try in this restaurant.

While I got myself a huge Hofbrahaus Platte.
A great combination of all time Bavarian favorites
made of  Smoked Porkloin, Pork Roast, Smoked
Sausgae bathed in dark beer sauce, served with
Sauerkraut and lying in a bed of Mashed Potatoes.

We concluded our meal with a heavenly Apfelstudel which
 is a  traditional homemade apple strudel bathed with vanilla
 sauce and served with fresh slices of orange and strawberry.

The toast master aside from welcoming the diners
with a good old  beer toast for good health and luck,

…also entertained the diners and served as a
multi- talented one man band and showed his
skills playing different musical instruments,

…singing  German folk songs,

…acted as a  host to a beer drinking contest,

…and finally played and traditional German
instrument which appeared to me like it was
the biggest and the longest trumpet in the world.

The restaurant also had a souvenir shop where we were
able to buy shirts, toys  and souvenir items after lunch.

The Bavarian Restaurant or Hofbrahaus, Las Vegas
is a multi- awarded restaurant and has been adjudged by
numerous award giving bodies as one of the best restaurants
and one of the best places to dine in the city of Las Vegas.

Amidst the glitter and glamour in this dazzling sin city
where everything is just a glitzy copycat of the original,

…but in reality they could be likened to nothing but a
modern mirage shimmering at the middle of  the desert. 

Hofbrahaus, stands tall among the rest for being an authentic

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